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Date9/22/2023 6:26:40 PM
Genius IT- Appian training in Hyderabad will help you master the Developer Fundamentals, Appian Developer and Advance Developer. Learn how to use Appian BPM suite from beginner basics to advanced techniques with India's Best Appian Course in Hyderabad taught by industry experts. Learn to build an application with Appian training in Hyderabad with certification and Job Placements.
Genius IT- Appian training in Hyderabad is designed according to the latest features of Appian by our industry-expert trainers who are currently working on Appian BPM technology online training in hyderabad. It will enable you to gain in-depth knowledge on designing, developing, and managing enterprise software applications using Appian development tools training course in Hyderabad. You will also be allowed to work on two real-time Appian projects during training in Hyderabad

APPIAN Subject Content & Syllabus in Hyderabad@7993762900:
1.Introduction to Appian
2.Hands-on end-user exercise
3.Appian community site (Forum)
4.Overview of designer interface (including rules, groups, and applications)
5.Plan a process model
6.Create a high-level process diagram
7.Create group hierarchy and add members
8.Create constants and expression rules
9.Create and add objects to an application
10.Configure process model properties
11.Add process variables
12.Configure a user input task node
13.Describe how data flows from node to node
14.Monitor an inflight process
15.Review process instance security
16.Discuss and configure gateways
17.Configure a subprocess node
18.Post to news feed
19.Configure a related action (quick task)
20.Configure additional task settings (exceptions, escalations, deadline)
21.Appian Data Terminology
22.Introduction to Complex Data Types (CDT)
24.Java Persistence API (JPA) Annotations
25.Create a Data Store
26.Configure Write to Data Store Entity
27.Create and use a variety of Query Rules
28.Use a Paging Grid on a Form to display query results
29.Create a process-backed record type
30.Configure a record list view
31.Build a process-backed record summary view
32.Use the Reports Builder to create reports
33.Export and import an application

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