Why Is My Brother Printer Not Connecting To My Computer ?

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Why is My Brother Printer Not Connecting to My Computer?
Take a look at some typical causes of connectivity issues and the steps you may take to fix them. You can call Brother Support at +1-877-372-5666 for prompt assistance.

1. Network Connection Issues:
Solution: Make sure your Ethernet or Wi-Fi connection is steady by checking it. Try connecting once more after restarting your printer and router.
2. Outdated Drivers:
Solution: Outdated printer drivers can cause connectivity issues. Download and install the latest drivers for your Brother printer from the official Brother website.
3. Printer Offline Status:
Solution: Make sure the printer settings on your PC have "Online" selected for your Brother printer. The method for accomplishing this is to right-click on the printer under your "Devices and Printers" menu and choose "Set as Default Printer."
4. Firewall or Antivirus Blocks:
Solution: Antivirus or firewall software may occasionally prevent a connection. Turn these apps off for the time being and see if your printer connects. Don't forget to re-enable them following testing.
5. IP Address Conflicts:
Solution: Make that the IP address assigned to your printer on the network is distinct. To prevent conflicts, you can configure your printer to use a static IP address.
6. Multiple Printers Installed:
Solution: It can be confusing to have the same printer installed more than once.
7. Network Changes:
Solution: Your printer might not be configured correctly if you recently made changes to your network, such as adjusting the router or Wi-Fi settings. Adjust your printer's configuration to the updated network configuration.
8. USB Connection Problems:
Solution: If you're connecting via a USB cable, be sure the cable is in good condition and that your computer and printer are both properly connected.

Call Brother Support at +1-877-372-5666 if you've attempted these fixes and your Brother printer is still not connecting to your computer. Their knowledgeable professionals can help you further and walk you through procedures relevant to troubleshooting the model of printer you own.


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