Motor-Connect® - Supercharge Your Neural Harmony!

Date11/17/2023 6:13:44 AM
PriceUSD 67.00
Unleash the potential of your brain with Motor-Connect®: Neurological System Support, a meticulously crafted formula that delivers key nutrients vital for optimal neuronal function. Elevate your cognitive experience and bid farewell to challenges in planning multiple step functions.

1. Biotin Brilliance: Fuel glucose, amino acid, and fatty acid production with biotin. Known for its positive impact on hair, nail, and skin health, biotin also plays a pivotal role in Vitamin B1 transportation.

2. Benfotiamine Boost: Energize your brain by utilizing glucose with this fat-soluble form of Vitamin B1. Recent studies underscore its role in neurotransmitter production, promoting memory, processing, comprehension, and a balanced autonomic nervous system.

3. Pantothenic Power: Vitamin B5, or Pantothenic Acid, an essential nutrient, supports Acetyl CoA production, energy synthesis, and fatty acid oxidation. Co-localized with Vitamin B1 and Biotin, it completes the trio for robust brain energy pathways.

4. Mighty Molybdenum: Collaborating with Biotin and Vitamin B1, this mineral cofactor regulates copper and aids in sulfate creation. Sulfate facilitates the detoxification of chemicals, phenols, and oxalates, contributing to overall well-being.

Motor-Connect® goes beyond with a blend of healthy fats, phospholipids, and fat-soluble antioxidants. Elevate your cognitive journey and achieve a new level of mental clarity with Motor-Connect® – your ultimate solution for enhanced neuronal connectivity and overall brain health!

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