Why B2B Appointment Setting Should Be Part Of Your Sales Str

Date11/28/2023 3:59:45 PM
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Strategic Edge: Elevating Your Sales Game
If you want your business to grow, you need a competitive edge that differentiates you from your competition. A company’s competitive edge comes from many different sources. Some of them are easy to identify and control, like a great location, pricing, or a reputation for excellent service. Other factors are more difficult to pinpoint, but just as important. These are called intangibles, and they include things that your competitors cannot copy or replicate.
Companies spend a lot of time searching for new revenue streams to help their businesses scale and grow. They can pursue organic growth, new markets, product launches or inorganic growth by buying other companies. However, a surprising source of new revenue can often be found by looking right under the nose. This is known as the strategic edge.
The term “edge strategy” comes from a book by Alan Lewis and Dan McKone called Edge Strategy: A Mindset for Profitable Growth. This strategy involves identifying new ways to monetise existing assets, customers, and competencies. It starts with two key exercises: Creating an Asset Inventory and Understanding the Job-to-Be Done. To do this, take an inventory of all the things you have that are unique to your business or brand and ask yourself what other people would be willing to pay for those assets or competencies.
Innovating on the edge is not only a cost-effective and low-risk way to access new revenue opportunities, it also allows you to avoid some of the pitfalls of incremental innovation and blue ocean strategy. Incremental innovation churns out product variants that clutter markets and damage margins, while blue ocean strategy can be extremely expensive and risky.
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