Telemarketing Appointment Setting Tactics That Revolutionize

Date12/3/2023 5:11:20 AM
PriceUSD 99.00
Breaking the Mold
Sales leaders want their appointment setters to be able to identify and record as much information about the prospects as possible to make it easier for the rep that is going to ultimately close the deal. Using tools like Telemarketing Professionals’s Lead Machine allows them to filter potential leads based on 200+ data points so that appointment setters can focus on the right-fit prospects.
During a call, it’s important for the appointment setter to ensure that the prospect has time to talk. This means asking if they are currently helping a client, on another phone call, in the middle of a meeting, etc. Then, it is helpful to send a calendar invite immediately following the call and include a nutshell description of what will be discussed in the appointment.
This can help give the impression that the rep is not just calling to sell them something, but is actually genuinely interested in learning more about the business’s goals and challenges. This can go a long way to increasing the overall success of the appointment setter and sales team.
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