UKRSTARLINE: A Leader in the Supply of Rolled Metal and Rubb

Date12/4/2023 8:53:31 AM
Since 2011, UKRSTARLINE LLC has been establishing itself in the market as a prominent representative of rolled metal products, asbestos-cement, rubber products and other building materials in Ukraine. Based on the principles of quality, reliability and high-tech solutions, the company has become a symbol of successful cooperation with customers and a reliable partner in the construction industry.

Wide range of products

One of the key features of UKRSTARLINE is the huge range of products the company offers on the market. High-quality rolled metal products, asbestos-cement products and rubber materials are just a part of the wide range that allows us to meet the needs of any construction project.

Unique Supply Chain

Achieving success in the supply of construction materials requires not only high-quality products, but also an efficient supply system. "UKRSTARLINE has a unique full-cycle system that covers wholesale and retail deliveries. This allows the company to quickly and efficien
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