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Date12/13/2023 3:45:15 PM
Meet Chandigarh's leading orthopedic specialist, Dr. Vikas Mehra. Renowned for precise treatments and compassionate care, he redefines orthopedics. From joint replacements to advanced surgeries, Dr. Mehra ensures optimal mobility and pain relief. Trusted by many, his expertise brings renewed hope, enabling patients to embrace life without limitations. With cutting-edge techniques and personalized attention, he's committed to your well-being, making him the go-to choice for a vibrant and active lifestyle in Chandigarh's orthopedic landscape.
Dr. Vikas Mehra
Visit: Mehra Bone and Joint Center, Chandigarh
Address: #1501, Sector 33D, Chandigarh
Call Now: 9814612696 | 9876044747

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