Prosthetix Shop

Date1/8/2024 10:12:19 PM
+1 513-843-5126+1 513-843-5126
Prosthetix Shop was founded in December, 2012, when Aaron Moles sought out to deliver a conscientious approach to prosthetic care within greater Cincinnati. Nine years later, Aaron continues to provide the same exemplary care, as he partners with Megan Albury to bring the same vision and thoughtful approach to patient care in greater Columbus.

At Prosthetix Shop, we believe patient care should be truly human-centric and focus on the needs, goals, and general well-being of the patient. We are on a mission to raise the bar for prosthetic care and challenge the status quo by providing consistent, patient-driven care. This is accomplished through extremely thorough assessments, listening to the needs and goals of patients, and involving them in the decision-making process. A strong commitment to follow-up care facilitates success and helps patients achieve their goals.
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