What is Ceramic PCB?

Ceramic PCB board is also called ceramic substrate or ceramic circuit board, ceramic copper coated plate, ceramic substrate refers to the copper foil directly bonded to alumina (Al2O3) or aluminum nitride (AlN) ceramic substrate or other ceramic substrate surface (single or double) on the special process board. The ultrathin composite substrate has excellent electrical insulation performance, high thermal conductivity, excellent soft brazing and high adhesion strength, and can be etched into a variety of graphics like PCB board, with great current-carrying capacity. Therefore, Ceramic PCB board has become the basic material of high power electronic circuit structure technology and interconnection technology.

Ceramic PCB Manufacturing & Assembly – One-stop service The ceramic substrate (ceramic PCB) refers to a special process board in which a copper foil is directly bonded to a surface of an alumina (Al2O3 ) or aluminum nitride (AlN) ceramic substrate (single or double-sided) at a high temperature.
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