BlackOwl Battery Mounted Motorbike GPS Tracker

Date1/17/2024 8:55:25 AM
PriceUSD 8,816.00
Begin tracking your motorbike in no time! Our motorbike GPS trackers come with pre-installed SIM cards + simple online activation and an online user guide.Stay informed with frequent tracking updates from your motorbike during movement. When stationary, location updates are sent periodically to preserve your motorbike's battery.In the event your motorbike leaves a network coverage area, the tracker's internal memory will begin recording GPS data to transmit when coverage resumes.Access up to 1 year of detailed tracking history from your motorbike, stored securely on our AS27001 server, located in Australia.Don't risk your privacy and security to save a few dollars. We do not share any personal or GPS tracking data and our encrypted server is hosted in an Australian ISO 27001 secure facility.
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