4 angstrom molecular sieves used to purify and separate liqu

Date2/7/2024 3:26:43 PM
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Molecular sieve adsorbents are synthetic zeolites that have many tiny pores of the same size. They can adsorb molecules to an extent of 20 to 25% of their mass.
Molecular sieve adsorbents are useful because they can hold a lot of molecules, choose the ones they want, last long, and can be reused. Mainly made up of 3-D structures of Alumina oxide and Silicon Dioxide, molecular sieves can be used for removing contaminants, moisture, air, or unsuitable molecules from different substances.
Meet Molecular Sieve 4A, a sodium form of zeolite A, having a pore size of 4 angstroms. Therefore, it can adsorb water and other molecules equal to or smaller than 4 angstroms, like oxygen, nitrogen, and carbon dioxide, and suck moisture out of air, solvents and pharmaceuticals products.
Molecular sieve 4A can also be used to purify and separate liquids and gases, such as argon, krypton, xenon, hydrogen and oxygen. If you want to regenerate Molecular Sieve 4A, heat it to temperatures between 250f to 450f
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