Bertrand Eau de Vie de Prune Vieille - Liquor Wine Cave

Date2/9/2024 6:29:47 AM
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From the distillation of Plums and Alsace Quetsch, the eau-de-vie will be slowly rested in oak barrels.

The slow respiration through the pores in the wood will give roundness and finesse.

It is in winter that our fermented fruits will be subjected to the test of fire: Distillation. The fruits will be deposited in the still, impeccable, gleaming of all its brass. Gently, the flame will volatilise the spirit of the fruit, concentrate its aromas and allow, very slowly the flow of a clear brandy already rich in a thousand flavours. The first and last fractions of the heating, heavier and less refine will be eliminated. We will keep only the heart of the heating, pure, fine and refined which alone is worthy of the name Bertrand.
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