Explosion Proof Digital Camera - ATEX Certified - Intrinsica

Explosion proof digital camera is an intrinsically safe marvel designed for industries navigating hazardous areas. Explosion proof digital cameras are ATEX certified, ensuring its suitability for use in potentially explosive atmospheres, such as those found in chemical plants, oil refineries, and other hazardous areas

Our explosion proof digital cameras are:

Shockproof (withstand falls up to 2.4m),
Waterproof (up to 30m deep), dustproof and freeze proof (up to -10°C)
5x Optical Zoom and 4x Intelligent Zoom.
Ex-proof LED flash and longer battery life.
This innovative device combines durability with advanced technology, featuring a robust construction that withstands harsh conditions.

‍Rugged Design
Tough, Lightweight Camera Chassis
SX Optical Wide-Angle Zoom Lens
Digital Microscope Mode
6 LED Ring Light
Movie SR+; Movie Shake Reduction
Splash-Proof Housing (IP66)
II 3G Ex h ic IIC, 118, IIA T4 Ge

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