Data Collection: Swan 3- Redmond (WA) (Onsite)

Date5/2/2024 6:21:50 AM
Join Swan III and Influence AI Development in Your Language!
Mission: Elevate AI to new heights, focusing on advancing virtual assistants.
Location: Immerse yourself in Redmond, the epicenter of our groundbreaking work.
Role: Configure your iPhone to sync with our advanced data collection device. Your privacy is our top priority – no sensitive info stored, only data for refining AI
Time Commitment: 8 sessions – the first is a comprehensive hour, followed by 30-minute sessions.

- 18+
- iPhone with iOS 15+
- Proficiency in one of these languages:
- Spanish (US)
- English (India)
- Portuguese (Brazil)
- Italian (Italy)
- French (France)

Compensation: Earn 275 USD upon successful completion of all 8 sessions – a gesture of appreciation for your vital contribution.

Interested? Read more at the OneForma website, look for Project SWAN 3 (Redmond), and answer the survey to join!
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