International Therapy Solutions

Established in 2012, Insight Therapy Solutions (ITS) is now a global force as International Therapy Solutions, committed to transforming the lives of at-risk youth in rural Nevada. Founded by the visionary CEO, Franchesca Van Buren, a native of a humble town in rural Nevada where mental health resources were scarce. Franchesca's journey from practicing law in the bustling city was sparked by the poignant story of a little girl from her hometown, shedding light on the challenges of unspeakable abuse and the limited resources in urban areas. In response to this compelling narrative, Insight Therapy Solutions (ITS) has evolved into International Therapy Solutions, with a steadfast commitment to changing lives one person at a time by dismantling barriers to mental health services. Leveraging the revolutionary power of telehealth, International Therapy Solutions ensures that distance is no longer an obstacle, making the perfect therapist fit accessible to everyone. The focus at International Therapy Solutions goes beyond providing services; it's about delivering hope, healing, and a pathway to a brighter future for every individual touched by our global mission.
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