Medium Duty Shelving Racks Manufacturers in Bangalore

Date3/2/2024 4:59:34 AM
Metalimpacts is the best Medium Duty Shelving Racks Manufacturers in Bangalore. Shelving is generally made from standard modular components that allow installations of different heights, vertical shelf spacing and shelf depths. The typical standard span width is 1 Ft, 1.5 Ft2 Ft for Medium Duty & 2 Ft to 4 Ft Heavy duty. But long span shelving is also available that facilitates the holding of longer items of stock.

Being the leading Medium Duty Shelving Racks Manufacturers, These racks are suitable for light and medium duty work. Mostly used as shelving, adjustable units can be assembled rapidly and adapted to change and expansion. Each shelf can be adjusted independently; used efficiently, this allows the storage space to be used to the full. Most adjustable shelving can be altered without tools.Many companies buy adjustable racking and never use this potential the additional investment must be justified Load/level can be designed upto 500 Kgs for Medium duty racks & Upto 3000 Kgs for Heavy duty racks. Shelving can be accessed in various ways - from ground-floor level, from mezzanine levels (Multi Tier racking).
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