Premier Supplier of Tactile Indicators

Date3/7/2024 9:33:31 AM
Looking for top-quality Tactile Ground Surface Indicators for your next project? Look no further! Sterling Supplies is your premier tactile indicators supplier for any new build or alteration. Ensure the safety and accessibility for vision-impaired individuals with our range of Warning and Directional Tactiles.
Why Choose Sterling Supplies?
Quality Materials: We offer a variety of materials including polymeric, stainless steel, and brass to satisfy both aesthetic and functional needs.
Compliance with Safety Standards: Our TGSIs help in mitigating hazards such as stairs, ramps, crossings, and more, making your project compliant with current safety standards.
Expertise and Guidance: Our team can guide you in selecting the appropriate type of tactile for different applications, ensuring best practice and budget alignment.
Sterling Supplies is committed to enhancing public space accessibility and safety with high-grade tactile indicators. Our product range is well-suited for any environment, from urban infrastructure to private establishments.
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