Buy Grosperrin MMC 1 Mistelle-type Pineau des Charentes 7 ye

Date3/8/2024 9:00:59 AM
PriceUSD 62.50
A unique French fortified aperitif, perfect gift for the wine or spirit lover who has tried everything... MMC1 stands for "mout mute au Cognac" or must blended with Cognac. It is made from fresh grape musts, added to Cognac, and aged together for 7 years minimum in french oak barrels. The MMC1 was made at a small estate in Petite Champagne. Bottled without any addition of sulphur nor sugar. Limited quantities.Straw yellow colour. On the nose, lots of fruit and minerality. On the palate, very soft, not very sweet. Nice acidity, balanced.
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