Copper Welding Rod/Electrode

Date3/19/2024 9:34:49 AM
A copper welding rod/electrode is a cylindrical metal tool used for the welding process to combine two metals and has other various uses in metal cutting and electroplating.
These rods can join copper tubes and pipes, electrical wires, or flexible tubing. It has a tensile strength of 40,000 psi and can work at a maximum temperature of 1,350 to 1,550 degrees Fahrenheit and due to its properties it is where precise and consistent heat transfer is crucial. You can buy copper welding rod online from One Touch Exim. One Touch Exim is one of the best-reputed suppliers of welding wire in the global market Buying the welding rods from One Touch Exim you will achieve flawless welds in no time, saving both time and effort. You can also purchase various other high-quality rods or ferrous metal and non-ferrous metal from One Touch Exim.For more details:
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