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Date3/21/2024 8:56:18 AM
E-CuCrZr is a high-strength alloy that contains chromium and zirconium and is used for resistance welding electrodes. It is durable, wear-resistant, and has exceptional electrical and thermal conductivity. The E-CuCrZr electrodes find applications in industries such as aerospace, automotive, heavy machinery, and electrical equipment. The zirconium improves creep resistance at high temperatures and reduces the sticking of electrodes to work during spot welding. E-CuCrZr is also stronger than RWMA Class 1 materials. You can buy Copper-Chromium-Zirconium Electrode from One Touch Exim. One Touch Exim is a supplier of ferrous and non-ferrous metals on a global scale. You can also purchase various products in bulk as One Touch Exim manufactures them with great care and high quality and delivers them in no time, saving time and effort. The company has one of the best-dedicated teams of procurement and logistics which works 24/7.

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