Professional junk removal services in San Jose, CA

Date3/28/2024 11:17:24 AM
(408) 466-0288(408) 466-0288
Is your home or office overflowing with unwanted items? Whether it's old furniture, overflowing yard waste, or leftover construction debris, Dalux Junk Removal & Hauling can provide any residential or commercial junk removal services in San Jose, CA. We're here to help you regain your space.
Our expert team is capable of removing any type of unwanted item from your property. No matter the size of the project, our professionals possess years of experience, and they will get it done super quickly. We also look after the environmental aspects and contribute to eco friendly practices like recycling and donations.
For quick and sustainable junk removal services, contact us at (408) 466-0288. We look forward to assisting you!
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