Prozym Rf2 Dental Solution -VetSupply

Date4/2/2024 6:46:15 AM
PriceUSD 12.32
Prozym Rf2 Dental Solution For Cats And Dogs 250ML

Prozym Dental Solution For Cats And Dogs is a wonderful palatable and refreshing dental solution. This product helps in fighting against dental plaque as well as bad breath. It is extremely easy to give your pet because all you need is to add some drinking water to it and you are good to go. Besides, this dental solution helps to maintain healthy teeth and gums.

How it works?

Prozym Dental Solution For Cats And Dogs is an excellent product that is made up of key ingredients such as water, glycerine, sorbitol, RF2 (Rheum palmatum root powder). The ingredients help in restoring bacterial balance in the mouth and drastically helps reduce the production of biofilm and tartar.
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