Unitronics OPLC V570

The new Vision570™ offers a quality color touchscreen HMI, integrated into the newest member of the Vision series PLCs. Marvelously designed and richly featured, the Vision570™ can upgrade any machine, and boost productivity of any automation system.

As a part of the Vision series, this controller offers the same advanced capabilities, from auto-tune PID to Data Tables. The divers communication options- Ethernet, GPRS/GSM, MODBUS, CANopen etc'- are naturally one of its greatest advantages. As the top of the line, the Vision570™ offers enlarged application memory (2MB), faster scan time and more HMI capacity.

• Supports up to 171 I/Os via snap-in and expansion modules (same modules as in the current Vision series. Number may vary according to I/O module)
• Application memory: 2MB
• Execution time: 9 µsec per 1K of typical application (2.5 times faster than the V280, for typical application)
• Auto-tune PID, up to 20 independent loops; establish process control with no extra cost.
• Smart Data Tables, up to 120K (dynamic) and up to 192K (static); for production receipts and data logging.

• 256 colors, TFT LCD display
• Resistive, analog touchscreen
• 5.7", 320 x 240 pixels (QVGA)
• Up to 1024 displays per application
• Hundreds of color images can be implemented in one application
• Adjustable screen brightness via the touch panel/ software
• Image library containing hundreds of images

Communication options:
• Ethernet via TCP/IP (optional)
• SMS support
• Remote Access for data acquisition and program download, via Ethernet, GPRS/GSM or landline modem
• MODBUS protocol support
• CANopen and UniCAN support
• 2 isolated RS232/RS485 ports
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