Your leading PCB High Volume PCB Assembly supplier in China

Date4/24/2024 4:55:18 PM
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Your leading PCB High Volume PCB Assembly supplier in China

With 15 years of experience and high efficiency in PCB assembly and manufacturing, HITECH CIRCUITS is the perfect source for Big Batch PCB assembly on a limited budget. If you are looking for a large PCBA assembly within your budget, we will be your ideal choice. HITECH CIRCUITS has more than 15 years of experience in the OEM/PCBA manufacturing and assembly of printed circuit boards, advanced production technology and equipment, professional engineers and purchasing team to provide our partners with personalized and complete process solutions. HITECH CIRCUITS’s supply chain services deliver supply chain innovation on demand. We offer a bold, yet proven service solution designed to grow market share and profit. Our innovative approach to managing the supply chain offers a complete business model that delivers the talent and transformative tools necessary to create predictability, reliability, and responsiveness across your entire supply chain. Our practitioners are passionate about supply chains. We have spent a generation understanding, refining and building the best in intelligent supply chains. We provide talent on-demand with expertise in data analytics and strategic technologies that can help you predict, plan and respond more effectively.

Some designs require assemblies in small volume, maybe just prototypes, while others require them in high volume. At SMT house, High Volume, Large Volume, or Big Batch PCB Assembly always refers to printed board assembly projects with quantities more than 5K pieces. HitechPCB has the capability to offer high volume PCB assembly services to meet your requirements of high-quality, competitive price, on-time delivery and smooth communication in any manner of full turnkey, consigned and partial turnkey.

Also, if your business is involved in applications that require high-volume PCB assembly, the company to contact is HitechPCB, because we’re a complete turnkey solution for printed circuit boards assembly, we are ideally suited for bulk PCB assembly orders. Our state-of-the-art equipments, large facility and wide range of highly-qualified experts give us the capability of high-volume PCB assembly of up to 9,000,000.

We are also the perfect source if you’re looking for large-order PCB assembly on a budget. Because of our high level of efficiency and more than 10 years of experience with printed circuit board manufacturing and electronics assembly, we offer large printed circuit board orders at surprisingly competitive prices compared to other PCB manufacturers or PCB assembly companies.

Our large order PCB assembly process starts with a tested and practiced set of workflow guidelines for every phase of the process, from pre-order PCB design consultation with professional veteran engineers to PCB fabrication, components sourcing, PCB assembly, PCBA testing, PCBA inspection, PCBA packing and shipping all under the auspices of a highly-skilled production staff. You can be confident that no matter how many circuit boards you order, you will enjoy fast service, low prices and extremely high quality.

With our excellent after-sales service, 24 sales and technical support team, quick response service, we will be your best Big Batch PCB assembly manufacturer inChina. A wide variety of highly qualified experts

Why choose Hitechpcba Big Batch PCB Assembly
Compared to our competitors, Hitechpcba offers large printed circuit board orders at very competitive prices. The risky big batch PCB assembly process begins with a set of tried and tested workflow guidelines. From ordering PCB design to component procurement, manufacturing, testing, assembly, inspection, shipping and packaging. This is all under the guidance of our highly skilled production staff.

No matter how many boards you order, you'll love the fast response service, low cost, and surprisingly hig
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