GREENMAX Polystyrene Compactor APOLO C300

Date4/27/2024 8:39:56 AM
PriceUSD 1.00
Polystyrene packaging, Polystyrene containers, and Polystyrene boxes are all recyclable. GREENMAX Polystyrene Compactor APOLO C300 can compact all kinds of scattered EPS or bulk EPS into a compact size. The compacted Polystyrene is easy to transport and store in a warehouse. So Polystyrene Compactor A-C300 system offers convenience to you. INTCO Recycling offers Polystyrene compactor A-C300 for Polystyrene recycling and buys Polystyrene blocks back.

Applicable materials: EPS, XPS and PSP, food trays and cups
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