Catzilla Hotel Vancouver

Date5/1/2024 5:52:50 AM
 778-828-6120 778-828-6120

Welcome to Catzilla Hotel Vancouver!
Catzilla Hotel Vancouver is a solution for cat owners who want their pets to not feel lonely in their absence! We, the cat hotel Vancouver, are ready to help you in solving an important problem related to keeping a furry friend at a time when, for various reasons, you cannot care for him. Our hotel offers comfortable rooms specially equipped for the comfort and safety of your pet. At cat boarding in Vancouver, we focus on nutrition, health and entertainment to ensure your cat has an enjoyable time. Our experienced staff are here to pamper your furry friend and provide the highest level of care and attention. Book your room now and leave your cat in our reliable care!

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859 Huber Dr, Port Coquitlam, BC V3B 2T1, Canada
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