Private School Bus Service Provider in Bangalore

Date5/8/2024 5:11:36 AM
Acciva Travels recognizes the importance of ensuring students have safe and reliable transportation. Our highest priority is providing private school bus services in Bangalore with a commitment to excellence and a focus on ensuring every child's well-being. Our buses have GPS tracking systems that allow us to monitor their routes and speeds in real time. The buses we provide to our students are well-maintained and provide them with a comfortable and enjoyable ride. There are unique transportation requirements for each school. It is our goal to provide institutions with tailored solutions that meet their specific needs. Regular school routes, extracurricular activities, and special events are all covered by our services. Acciva Travels provides reliable, safe, and efficient school transportation services in Bangalore.

Our services:

* Providing Vehicles for Office Work

* Sedan Vehicle on a Rental Basis for Corporate

* Hiring of Taxi Services for Corporate

* End to End Fleet Services

* Hiring of Sedan/SUV/MUV Cars

* End to End Fleet Services


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Lane Line:+91 8023541166

Address: #52, 1 Main Road, Anand Nagar, Hebbal, Bengaluru 560024.

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