***Lease to Own*** No Bank Qualifying ***

If you are truly interested in owning a home of your own and have something we can work with, you can be in a home as soon as possible with our lease to own program.
Our Lease to Own program allows you to lease and occupy a home while building equity towards the sale price.
The sale price is set the day you sign the "Lease Option" agreement.
This way you enjoy the pricing and value of ownership today even though you are making the final purchase of the home at a later date.
Plus, any work you do to the home will not be wasted when the lease is over.
A down payment is required to make this possible.
Or, if you don't see a home you like in our current inventory, let us know and we will place your name on our VIP list for a home that meets your needs.

Give us a call at 380-252-0782
Available date5/15/2024
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