Find best chiropractor in Odisha for shoulder pain treatment

Date5/20/2024 3:23:43 PM
Shoulder Pain is a common problem that can seriously affect a person's everyday activities. It can result from a number of things, including chronic illnesses and overuse injuries.

What are the causes of Shoulder Pain?

* Rotator Cuff Issues
* Arthritis
* Dislocations and Separations
* Frozen shoulder
* Rotator cuff injury

Symptoms of Shoulder Pain are:

* Aching or sharp pain in the shoulder
* Difficulty reaching overhead or behind the back
* Weakness in the shoulder
* Clicking or grinding sensation in the joint
* Pain that worsens with specific movements
* Swelling or redness around the shoulder joint
* Loss of sleep due to shoulder pain

At Life 360 the best physiotherapy center in Odisha, we understand the difficulties of shoulder pain, Dr. Nitu Verma completely assists your issue and then personalizes your treatment plans. Contact us for more information.

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