How to reduce Ground Bounce Reduction on PCBAs

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How to reduce Ground Bounce Reduction on PCBAs
1. Minimize return paths

The shorter the return paths, the lower the inductance between components and the ground plane. Therefore, digital components should be placed directly over digital ground areas and mixed-signal devices should be positioned above bridges between digital and analog ground areas, whenever possible.

2. Use short component leads

Using packages with shorter component leads reduces the series inductance. This is also accomplished by using BGAs and vias. Decoupling capacitors should also be used to funnel disturbances to ground as quickly as possible. It is probably a good idea to use these for all IC and transistor ground pins.

3. Use multiple vias

Another way to quickly dissipate disturbances or noise from your circuits is to use multiple vias to route to ground.

4. Offset switching, if possible

The parasitics that cause ground bounce may not be able to be completely eliminated; however, by offsetting switching times, you can minimize the extent or magnitude of the ground bounce.

5. Use slower switching components, if possible

This technique should be used in conjunction with offsets to allow damping to occur prior to the next switching event. This will prevent it from being added to the noise that may be already present.
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