Mastering the Field Wit Complete AFL Pre-Season Training Gui

Date6/12/2024 7:08:21 AM
As a conditioning consultant, staying updated with the latest training methods and techniques is crucial. The AFL pre-season training program expects intense physical demands from athletes preparing for the upcoming season.

To ensure peak performance, a well-designed conditioning plan is crucial.
Planning and periodising your conditioning program is integral for endurance or team athletes.
Team sports present a more complex scenario, balancing technical and tactical sports training with the conditioning program.
Join our comprehensive workshop on conditioning periodisation, focusing on team sport pre-season and in-season programs.
During the workshop, dive into an actual case study of an AFL conditioning program.
While specific to Australian Rules Football, the case study is relevant to other team sports, such as GAA, soccer, hockey, and rugby pre-season training programs.

Join The Conditioning Consultant for the final conditioning workshop to explore periodisation intricacies for team sports. This workshop will enrich your knowledge and elevate your skills as a conditioning consultant. Don't miss out on this opportunity!
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