How Powerful are Your Prospecting AND Conversion Results?

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Date1/28/2014 6:15:05 AM

SocialZing is an integrated suite of social marketing solutions delivered through a web-based service model.
1. Utilize social media outlets in seconds from one place with plenty of ready-to-use tools!
2. Create Facebook pages for prospecting in seconds! (No coding or web development needed!)
3. Build lead capture pages and build your lead system AND track them for further cultivation!
4. Schedule and conduct meetings in the MeetingZing platform! All the attendees have to do is click a link to join!
5. Store presentations, documents, photos, videos and more in your own media library!
6. Track and manage leads as they come into your system and create custom drip campaigns and personalized emails!
7. Text your team or prospects with important information or advertising!
8. Use video email marketing to lift your conversion rate by 50% or more! Just drag, drop and share your video!
All of this and more is at your fingertips with SocialZing! Check it out today!
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