Lower your merchant fees to 1.5%

Date3/13/2014 11:45:52 AM
We are one of the leading merchant account providers in the U.S., offering
the most competitive merchant card processing rates. Our company’s goal is
to offer each and every one of our merchants a level of professionalism
and service no other card processors can equal. In addition, we educate
our merchants on card best practices to ensure you are receiving the
lowest possible rates when accepting electronic payments.

Our full line of fast and convenient card processing services and
solutions are proven to increase total sales, accelerate cash flow,
improve efficiency and reduce expense. Whether you need retail merchant,
mobile or wireless card processing, we provide a fast secure payment
gateway for your business.
Call 866-767-2385 and mention Agent #28531 to speak to one of our
knowledgeable representatives that can give you a quote today.
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