New Live Bait Fish Hook for WORMS

Date4/4/2014 4:40:39 AM
PriceUSD 5.00
SPECIAL OFFER!!! Pre-Order before April 15th and we will double your order at no additional cost! Get TWO 6 Packs of hooks in a variety of colors for $4.99, instead of one. Colors will include Clear, Red, Blue along with bright Orange, Green and Yellow.

Our hooks allow the bait to move and wiggle naturally in the water thus attracting more fish. It keeps the bait alive for a longer period of time versus piercing a hook through the body of the worm several times and killing your live bait before casting. Wrapping the worm around the coils, keeps the worm parallel to the shaft of the hook which in turn makes it easier to be swallowed by fish.

See the clear hook, imagine a hook this clear and transparent underwater! Unless the fish use a magnifying glass, it will not be visible. Only your worm will be seen wiggling around.

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