ZONE030 Smart Card for health freaks and home business opps.

Date6/22/2011 7:39:58 PM
IIREC Technologies Israel is the manufacturer of ZONE030 Smart Card which is marketed worldwide, conducts magnetic fields measurement, according to the patent procedure of IIREC the international Institute for Reasearch located in Australia.
The Institute is a world-leader in the field of electromagnetic radiation and its effect on the human body, and is headed by renowned scientist and "method" developer, Dr. Walter Medinger.

ZONE030 Smart Card is suitable for all mobile, computers, network and electrical devices, effective for 5 years and has an immediate effect. It requires no electricity or magnetic resource.

ZONE030 Smart Card helps to reduce the headaches caused by electromagnetic radiation, to get a higher level of concentration over a longer period of time, to reduce watery and sore eyes problems - specially near computers and mobile phones and reduces your level of tiredness by keeping the radiation away from you.

The IIREC Affiliate Porgram is free to join, easy to sign-up and requires no technical knowledge.
Join now and enjoy a nice commision. You can also choose to buy a pack to protect your family too.
Remember it is scientifically proven!

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