turn 2k into 10m cash in about 1 year

Date5/12/2014 8:29:01 PM
PriceUSD 2,000.00
512 448 2130512 448 2130
I can turn your 2k into 10m in up to a year's time. The money will pay for the new pitch video for the crowdfunding campaign for my film. "Answers" will be about a young woman who returns from a near-death experience with the secrets to world peace. It will reveal what many people need to know about sexual attraction, spiritual religion, politics, wealth and the afterlife.

The current pitch video is too long, not enough camera movement and not enough people can see the connection it has with the purpose of the project. Or they don't pay attention to the text slides that precede the live action or bother to read the written pitch. The new video will be shorter, have more movement, more relevance to the subject and feature two sexy women exchanging dialogue on an intriguing subject. It should sell even the dumbest people on learning more and donating.

74 page screenplay avail upon req, new video will be based on pages 16-20.

If you don't do this now, I'm doing it in August, so I'm just desperate to not have to wait 3 months.

I do not have to be in control of the money, you can pay the cast and crew yourself and also be on the set. Do not hit on the girls.

The link is to the last time I tried it.
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