I Will Be the Best Me I Can Be Second Edition Revised

Date7/28/2018 1:32:20 PM
PriceUSD 9.41
This book will change your approach to life and help you be more organized and motivated. Read and apply the easy to follow guidelines of this unique book (now in its second edition) The book was originally written for people with ADD (Like the author himself)but the principles contained in it are universal. Available on Amazon Kindle and as a paperback.(The price mentioned below is for the paperback on Amazon) Act now and get it at a special price.
Type the name of the book "I Will Be the Best Me I Can Be Second Edition Revised" in the Amazon search box or simply type Dr Marius Potgieter to have a look at all the Author's books. Alternatively follow the link below
Dr Marius is a Medical Doctor with many years experience of helping himself and other's.
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