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Date6/4/2014 7:22:30 AM
• - Locator of lost Assets
• - B2B searches
• - Business opportunities available
• - Licenses available in your area
• - Trainer and Support plus website design and domain name
ABN: 39811797066
Money Freelancer provides services to Business, Corporations and other entitities to assist them by saving time searching for lost assets. Money Freelancer makes it a mission to assist with the search and recovery of the assets. A small consultation fee $50 is all that business pays upfront and a percentage recovery fee on result of a recovery using the information. No recovery it is free!
There are more and more companies and business and entities everyday being added to the list of owed assets.
Money Freelancer can be the difference between the assets returned to their rightful owners and losing the assets.
Money Freelancer is expanding to Australia wide and New Zealand and have opportunities for people to take up a license with them.
Our website has all the details of who we are and what we
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