Why Not Cash Gifting? Have a better idea?

Date1/7/2013 10:58:53 AM
To all and anyone who would like to take a chance to get ahead in life.

I’m not going to dwell on the sorrows of the world as you might know that kind of talk gets you no where and isn’t effective unless it is associated with a religion or a prominent charity. A simply person like myself knows nothing on how to help others who may be in financial trouble. I beg to differ…..Please read.

Just about every religion and prominent charity survives on what is known as donations. Now according to just three dictionaries, Oxford, American Heritage and Websters, the word ‘donation’ is and has the very same meaning as ‘gift‘.

It is not my intention to bad mouth any charities or religions. More power to them. Truth is they would not exist if it weren‘t for their keen ability to generate their cash flow. You got to admit they are a great example of what ‘’donations’ - ‘gifts’ can do!

Well now! It is perfectly fine to ‘donate’ to your favorite charity or religion! But a simple persons gifting program is looked down upon as being no good, criminal, a lazy mans method of stealing peoples money kind of activity that just doesn’t work except for the few at the top of the heap, etc. etc..

Bottom line: Donations = Gifts. Here’s what I would like to ask.

Why do people not get the fact that cash gifting plain and simply is OK to do?

If you learn how cash gifting works you will discover two main facts.
1. Cash gifting is legal.
2. Cash gifting is tax free.

Another fact: It’s easy to do.

Want cash in your pocket or your bank account? Pay off those nagging bills? Pay the tuition and book fees? Pay the mortgage? Get out of debt for good? Buy a house or car? Go on vacation? Want to relax and enjoy life for a change?

Then take a chance with ‘The Peoples Program’. You guessed it! It is a cash gifting program. We require a one time $50 admin fee (admin keeps the program organized). There’s more than a few gifting levels to choose from to fit any budget. Everything you need to learn about how a gifting system works (just like the charities and religions) is here and then some. It is easy to follow and very organized. Put in a little work and effort to help secure your finances now and in the future.

What you can pay off today is yours free and clear tomorrow.
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