$50,000 Unsecured Biz Loan wanted for 90 days

Date7/13/2014 8:12:43 PM
Delta Gold, LLC, a Maryland physical commodities trading firm incorporated April 2014, seeks $50,000 unsecured, short-term (3-months) business loan to fulfill TWO existing Contracts on our Order Book, to import semi-refined gold bars into the US. For detailed Project Description see the Company website at: www dot deltagoldllc dot com
The funds required can be provided as small contributions of $50 min. up to $10,000 max. per Contributor, through the registered crowdfunding platform by Googling and searching there for Delta Gold, LLC's crowdfunding campaign page.

However, significant investors seeking to invest more than $10,000 or looking for better returns than the "rewards" the Company has publicly pledged to Contributors on can contact Larry in Baltimore, Maryland at:
Phone Number: (443)447-5352; or Email: deltagoldllc at gmail dot com
for direct negotiations to tell us what return you want for the loan.
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