Awakening to the Embodiment of Enlightenment.

Spiritually "waking up" to the true nature of reality (also known as nonduality) is quite a common phenomenon in our present day. Most information about nonduality is only pointing to the spiritual awakening itself and not the journeyless journey that unfolds after awakening.

There are a few people who point to how life unfolds after awakening but it's usually addressing "beginner stage" phenomena like "I had it and then I lost it", and the common questions like: "What now?" - questions that arise after the intensity of the first initial spiritual experience fades.

However, in our present day, most who are touching the deeper depths of the journeyless journey have already touched everything that most every teacher is continuously pointing to, and yet there are a great many who are gradually discovering fresh and new insights into the true nature of reality which no teacher publicly speaks about. These "deeper insights" can be confusing since there are many subtle stuck points and unnoticed repetitive loophole traps.

So this eBook is designed for those who are seriously dedicated to awakening, not as a way to escape life by trying to live in "the Absolute realm", but as the way of being. In other words, if you have devoted your life to awakening, then this eBook is for you
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