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 Adland Digest Edition #476
  Friday, August 26 2005

Expert Information and Useful Tips on Marketing, Internet Business, and Self-Improvement.

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Motivation and Inspiration
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Creative Writing & Poetry
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Sales and Sales Strategy
The Science of Advertising
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The Adland Digest Gets a Facelift!

It's been a short while since the last Adland Digest left our servers and hit your inboxes but, Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, I'm proud to present the all-new Adland Digest.

Like a fully restored 57' Chevy Bel-Air coming out of the garage and into the street shiney and new, the digest has an entirely new look, a different attitude, renewed purpose, and some serious energy.

So what's the big deal about the new digest you were thinking?  Well, I'm glad you asked.  The goal of the new digest is to provide you with information in specific areas which will help you improve yourself, your business, your mind, and your quality of life. 

So here's how the new digest works.  Recently, we have assembled an elite team of 13 members on our community who have demonstrated excellence in their chosen fields.  They have earned the respect of their peers and as such were selected by members of the community to be designated as experts.  Though unofficial in status, these individuals are the best of the best on Adlandpro.  Each expert has a forum dedicated to their area of expertise and through these forums and this digest, you can communicate with them, ask them questions and they can respond to you quickly. 

Each Expert has a section below and you can jump directly to a section you are interested in by clicking on the links on the left.  We hope you enjoy this first edition of the Adland Digest. 


Michael Dela Cruz, Adland Digest Editor

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Network Marketing

Viral Marketing Advice and Down line Building A place to ask questions about network marketing.

Kenneth Sword
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College education in advertising ... for FREE!

This is going to get a few grins, snarls, gripes, shoulder shrudding, etc ...

Each of you are in business for yourself in one way or another and part of AdlandPro.  It's my honour and duty to share with you anything that can help you grow.  So, for your homework, yes, homework, the first step is simple and only takes about 5 minutes or less a day.  As you go through your daily postal mail set aside all the junk mail and advertisements.  No, no, no! Get away from that trash can. You are throwing away THOUSANDS of dollars of FREE Education. Yes, pick it out!

Now that you are starting to collect your "TEXTBOOK", start analyzing the way ads are written.  No, not the words in general. Find the pattern, the feeling they create when you read them.  Sales are based on emotions.  What emotion you target will need to be followed by ways that comfort the emotion, to heal the emotion or to strengthen the emotion.  Everyone at one time has seen on TV the "Ronco" guy. Sold Ginsu knives, a dehydrator, the indoor rotisserie, the onion chopper, the Slice-O-Matic and more.  What does he do in every promotion? Stirs up FEELINGS!  How does he do that??? By asking key questions that make you say "been there, done that."  Then he goes in to show you "what" and "how he" will help you solve it.

So, start studying your new found "TEXTBOOK" and you'll be glad other companies sent you all of these FREE lessons.

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Community Relations

Community Relations Forum for general community topics. 

Kathy Martin

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Welcome new comers to Adlandpro,Hope you will enjoy our home here.
We are a community that is dedicated to helping one another.Please join in on our forums,Make friends with people in the forums,If you have any questions you may ask me,here is my link: http://community.adlandpro.com/go/simikathy
You will notice that everyone has a signiture under their name,you may click on it, it will take you to their sites.you can see if they have a business you might be interested in joining.you can see what they have to offer.The idea on any sort of help you may need with your
products, wedsites or even money making ideas from different sourses. your friends will normally check out your website to see what you have to offer-
and any help you may be able to give to them in return.Invite as many friends as you wish,we are all very helpful and here for you at a drop of a hat.If you need help with anything please do not hesitate to ask me.
Im sure you will enjoy Adlandpro as much as I do,it is a second home to many of us here.

You can post ads in the classified ad sectionalso you can post your ads in the offer/request setion,Also you may post a forum letting the community know who you are and tell us what your business is,I can walk you through any steps you do not understand.

Adlandpro also offers you a affiliate program to sign up and make it a business for you.

This is truly the best community in the world, you will never find another place like Adlandpro. Best wishes to you all.

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Basic Web Programming

The ABCís of HTML Programming Discussed. 

Greer Trumble

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Hello Greer,

How do you create columns on your webpage?

Let's say I want a matrix 3x3 for box ads. How?


Kenneth R Sword Jr

---------------- Response from Greer---------------------------------

Kenneth, you'd just need to copy the < tr> < /tr> section twice to get the extra grid rows you want there, as Allan's example only shows one row.

<table width="100%" border="0" cellpadding="4" cellspacing="10">

<tr valign="top">
<td width="100">Content For Left Column goes here</td>
<td>Content for center Column goes here</td>
<td width="100">Content for right column goes here</td>

<tr valign="top">
<td width="100">Content For Left Column goes here</td>
<td>Content for center Column goes here</td>
<td width="100">Content for right column goes here</td>

<tr valign="top">
<td width="100">Content For Left Column goes here</td>
<td>Content for center Column goes here</td>
<td width="100">Content for right column goes here</td>


This is what teh code for a 3x3 grid would look like using Allan's code there.


P.S. Here is an actual example of a small 2x3 grid for some text links I am playing with for my daughter's web site. Just rtclick/view source to see the code I used so far.


It might be interesting to set up a 3x3 grid like you're talking about and use a rotator to rotate ads in and out. Probably too complex to try and show on the forum here, but once you get your code set up I could help you with it off line if you like.

Affordable Secure VOIP
The Optin List
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Motivation and Inspiration

Words To Get You On Your Feet

Dave Young

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My name is Dave Young and I live in beautiful Vancouver Canada. I joined Adlandpro June 3 2005, and have really felt at home in this great community. I have met and made great friends. I feel that I would like to give back to the community by inspiring and empowering people. I have been inspired and empowered by some of the best. I have noticed that a lot of people like to express their thoughts, opinions and feelings when reading the inspirational messages I provide. I also feel it is a great way for people to interact and learn from each other.

If you have ever attended a large convention or seminar, you know these events create a huge energy level. I feel that sharing inspiring and empowering messages also lifts a persons energy level.

If you have an inspirational message you would love to share with the community, please share with us. This form is created for sharing and caring, learning and earning.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to ask. If I can't answer your question, I will find the answer for you.

Lets get motivated, inspired and empowered and most of all have fun.

Make it a great day!

Category 4 Text Here

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Radio & Media Advertising

Information on Radio, Print and TV Advertising? It's not the same as the Internet.

Alan Munro

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Lets have a look at the point of a different kind of radio. This is one that has not to date been exploited. If one takes it we pay for TV and that there are 100ís of magazines in the world the one can only get if you are a member or have a subscription then why not radio!

Lets have a look at the point of a product the can only be obtained by membership or subscription. One should then get a very good product and one should have a say in what happens with it. Ok with a magazine itís a little difficult for all the members to start telling the head what to do, but then if the head makes a mistake one can let him/her know.

Now lets try this with radio seeing itís been done with TV for many years. Membership can do 2 things to help radio. The first it helps to cover the running costs which then in turn helps with the second point and that is now the radio station can all most run with out advertising. Take note I sad all most.

No media can work with out advertising as there are the nice things like prizes that have to be paid for and this is done with advertising. At the same time one must also take in to account that for membership to be kept low one must supplement that with advertising.

The big thing with membership radio is that...

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Creative Writing & Poetry

The Art of Writing Explained Hello! My Name is Shirley Ruth Caron, I am an Expert in the Field of Creative Writing & Poetry!

Shirley Caron

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God made such a beautiful World.

The Bright Colors and Aromatic Splendor of Flowers
The Cheerful Singing of the Birds and fluttering of their Wings while in flight
The Mountains which stand tall - overlooking the Wondrous Earth below
The Oceans, Rivers, and Streams with the sound of Rippling Water and the force of the high, Majestic Waves
The Beautiful, Clear Blue Sky with Sunlight that brightens our Days
The sound of the Rain beating against my Window Pane
The Rains that help our Flowers to grow and the Crops which prosper to feed the Hungry
The Dark Sky of the Night which is filled with Stars that sparkle like Diamonds
The Trees with their Branches swaying to and fro and tops reaching up to Heaven above
The Churches where People go to congregate and Worship the Lord

I see these things clearly in my mind, but, I am losing my Eyesight
I lift up my heart in Prayer to my Lord, and I hear His voice saying:
"Be not afraid - I will aid you in this plight."
I envision my Lord holding me in His arms - knowing that He will be my guiding Light.

By: Shirley Ruth Caron

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Goodwill Ambassador's Forum

Drop in and say hello to our Goodwill Ambassador John Sanchez' forum. Find information on current community promotions and events.

John Sanchez

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Hello Folks!

Is there a cloud ten? I ask because I feel like I just went up a cloud. I've been on cloud nine for a while now because of all the great things happening at Adlandpro; people are really active and having a lot of fun here lately. Then Bogdan tells me he has chosen me as Goodwill Ambassador of AdlandPro. Well, that just pushed me on to cloud 10.

I am so honored to have had this bestow upon me especially by a person like Bogdan who I deeply respect and admire. Thank you so much Bogdan for honoring me in this way. I am truly grateful. I love the title because that is exactly what I have been trying to do here at AdlandPro and that is to welcome people, to cheer them up, to motivate them, and to give them hope. I have made so many great friends here; Iím the luckiest man in the world to be surrounded by so many good people. AdlandPro has been changing a lot lately and I like what I see. I hope you will all join me in creating a bigger and better neighborhood of people helping people. Thank you all for your support!


John R. Sanchez


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E-zine/Internet Publications

Network Marketing Electronic Publication and Distribution

Beverly Armstrong

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When designing a Web site, most web designers give a lot of attention to two major factors: the design (graphics and logos) and the content. But what about the website colors? This is one of the most important things to consider when designing your site. The colors of your Website are important because they will define the mood and the emotions of your visitors as well as reflect your identity and image branding.

Color as a symbolism. We say someone who is jealous is "Green with envy". Someone who is sad is said to be "Blue." When we are angry, we see red." Colors affect us psychologically.

They can stimulate our appetite or suppress it. They can make us happy, excited, angry or sad. Let's take a look at colors and what they may mean to your visitors.

Warm Colors: Red is one of the most powerful and attention-getting colors. Red symbolizes passion and fire, love and lust. It has been proven to raise blood pressure and cause perspiration. Red reflects energy and can motivate an individual to take action. It can also symbolize war, violence, blood, and aggression.

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Identity Theft /Online Scams

Protect Yourself and Others from Online Scams and Identity Theft

Eileen Harvey

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Do you read all your emails?
Today I remebered a situation, that got my ISP closed down, for a short time.

I was going thru my emails as usual,when I came across an email that looked ok, SO I cliked the link to see the business opportunity.

What I got was shut down!
For a week I could not figure out what was wrong with my Aol. So I finally called them. They proceeded to tell me I had 4 screen names, I told them I did not, or wasn't suppose to have.

In the course of our extended conversation, we figured out the last email that was sent to me. We also figured out, what had happened!

When I opened that email, it automatically sent the sender, my password to my Aol account. They logged in and set up new Screen Names and Started Spamming people, I had over 25,000 emails go out these accounts.


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Member Self-Development

Discussions for the Mind

Emmanuel Ebeh

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A few Tips on Relaxation:

1. Don't carry the world's problems on your shoulders.
2. Don't take yourself too seriously.
3. Enjoy your work or make it fun.
4. Make time for yourself be taking a break from everything else for a few moments.
5. Get a positive mental attitude.
6. Don't try to do everything all at once.
7. Do the best you can with the time you have.
8. Take a time-out from an argument to calm down, deal with it and put it to rest.
9. Visualize and create a mental picture of tranquility and a calm environment with your eyes closed.
10. Take a momemt to just sit by the river side, beach, by a lake or at the park and observe nature in action.
11. Deliberately, remain silent with you radio, tv, telephone, cell phone, and every other source of noise or sound turned off. The effect of the peace and calm is incredible.
12. It would be interesting to hear about your own creative relaxation techniques if you don't mind.

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Sales and Sales Strategy

Get some ideas on how to generate new and improve existing sales in your business.

Jim Martin

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I need some expert help!
Posted: 08-17-2005 07:22 PM
My name is Sam and I really could use some help with my website. Before I tell you the URL, I want to say that I'm not fishing for customers here. I have had my website up since November and have moved along fairly well, considering I was a total newbie when I started. I am getting several hundred hits on my site, with usually well over a hundred click throughs daily, but I'm not making any sales. Would you please take a look and see if you can suggest something to help. The URL is http://www.playswithgreys.com I would really appreciate any feedback anyone could give me.

Samantha Cooper playswithgreys@yahoo.com
Re: I need some expert help!
Posted: 08-18-2005 11:31 PM

Hi Sam,

I just ran across you post at my Forum and
took a quick look at your website.

I am going to give you my first impression
of what I saw and make a few suggestions.

People get caught in a trap of just thinking
that they are going to retail on the Net
and off they go with a website, listing
all the goodies for sale, etc.

You just have a static display out there not
even offering a free gift and remember in
sales the word FREE is the most powerful
word one can use.

Spruce it up a bit with a little color and
get a hold of some related businesses like
a company that sells animal charms, etc.

See how you can do some cooperative

advertising and always offer a special.



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The Science of Advertising

How to GET your FREE AdlandPro advertising is discussed here. One-on-one assistance in getting your account ready to work for you.

Clay Page

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It doesn't matter how great the product or service may be that you're promoting, it is all about your advertising, your marketing strategies, your targeted audience and most importantly, why are you advertising.

And do you know it's also knowing when NOT to ADVERTISE?

Odd, is it not, that knowing when NOT to ADVERTISE plays such an important role to your success, and I have met hundreds of people who did not know that secret and went broke because of it.

For an example, you don't sell bathing suits and sun screen in the winter season, you sell long-johns, gloves and hats. The same rule applies to your on- or off-line business, and it is those little secrets and access to the latest news that can make the difference between breaking-even or achieving wealth.

I hope you will gain from this discussion everything you need to slowly build your income streams into a ragging river of profits. Your focus should NOT be on making a million dollars or even a few extra hundred dollars -- your focus is about your very first sale, and then the next, and the next, and it continues until you realize hundreds of sales a day.

So if you are not 100% satisfied with your advertising, then you need to "stop" and "start" over with a different purpose. I can hear some of you saying under your breath, "I don't need to start over, I need to make what is working now a little better." If that is your thought, you really need to stop and start over with a different purpose because you cannot change something that is not working 100% right now.

Please, let me expand on that thought.

Don't set yourself up for disappointment of instant gains, but think and stay focused on what you can achieve today. You don't eat the steak in one bite, but small bites until you're finished. The same as planning your advertising and understanding what results you are looking for.

To set the stage....

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Retirement Related

Everything Related to Life after Retirement

Jerry Rosenbalm

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Here's some information for those who may think they started to late to save for Retirement.

Life can throw you lots of curve balls. So if youíre age 50+ and just starting to think about saving for retirement, you still have time to get in the game. Good savings habits apply just as much now as they did earlier in life. Itís never too late to get ready for retirement. Itís only too late if you donít save at all.
Even if youíre only a few years away from your last day of work, every little bit that you can save counts. The following steps will get you off the bench and onto the playing field.

Set Goals and Estimate Your Expenses

First, decide how much money youíll need to live the retirement lifestyle you want. With good health, your retirement could last 30 years or more.
Ask yourself these questions: How much money will you need to pay bills in retirement? Do you want to travel? Whatís the cost of living where you plan to live? Will your mortgage be paid off? Once in retirement, youíll likely still have major responsibilities, such as medical and household expenses. What other debts do you need to think about? If you can, lighten your financial load by paying off credit card bills and loans now.
Your answers to these questions are important. They will help you decide how much money youíll need for the type of retirement lifestyle you want. By knowing how much money you can count on and how much you expect to spend, you can decide how much you need to save. Being honest with yourself about the value of your current assets and future retirement costs is critical to the retirement planning process. Financial experts typically say youíll need at least 70 percent of your pre-retirement income to live comfortably in retirement.

Understand Your Resources

Make a checklist of all of the sources of income you can count on. These may          include:

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