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 Adland Digest Edition #483
  Friday, November 11, 2005

Advice, Information, and Useful Tips on Sales, Marketing, and Internet Business

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ATTENTION: Digest Readers
We Want Your Success Stories!

In each issue of future digests, we're going to feature 1 good success story.  While we welcome all success stories, your story about success in the internet business or marketing areas will have the greatest impact on your business. 

Each success story will have a portion of the Digest dedicated to it and a link to the archived story will be available on each issue of the digest for 1 year. 

Below is an example of how the archived story links will be displayed.  

Recent Success Stories
Fred Arlington - 11/10/05
John Wedlake - 10/28/05
Patricia Heart - 10/27/05
Nina Carusoe - 10/22/05

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Digest New Initiatives

You may notice that the digest has changed slightly since the last issue.  Below, you will now find the Adlandpro Tip of the Week.  Each issue will feature a new, innovative tip that is either submitted by you, our readers, or located by us somewhere on the internet for you to use.  The goal is to provide a tip which you can use instantly to help you build your business on the internet. 

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We have also introduced the Success Story Section where each issue will feature a success story from one of our members right here. 

Here's a link to some success stories past and examples of what we are looking for:


If you are chosen as a success story spotlight, we'll feature you in the Digest's Success Story Section and also place a link in each Digest Issue to your success story for a period of 1 year.  Make sure you include your Website URL in the story so that others can see what you have done with your business. 

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Michael Dela Cruz,
Adland Digest Editor

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Internet and Profit Newbies

If you're new to making money on the internet, get to know the Do's and Don'ts of taking the step into the world of generating income online. 

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Linda Caroll
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The Rich Niche Snitch

When I hear people talk of riches from niches,
my eyes start to cross and I get the twitches.
The trick, so you know, with niches and riches,
is not in the pitches, but scratching the itches.

I've come to realize that a lot of people confuse "mini site" with "niche site." They are not the same.

You know what mini means right? Most people do, which explains those obnoxious Viagra ads. Anyway, mini means something that is distinctively smaller than others of its type. In a website, mini means less than 10 pages. Often less than 5 pages. Sometimes only one page.

It's a no frills kind of site. Buy what it sells or leave. There's nothing else here for you. It's about the pitches, not scratching your itches, unless what it pitches scratches what itches. Then maybe you'll buy.

But, do you know what niche means? Even the pronunciation is confusing. You can say niche - to rhyme with rich, or you can say neesh - to rhyme with sheesh - and that's okay, too. Go figure.

No matter how you say it, niche means "a situation or activity specially suited to a person's interests, abilities, or nature." Go ahead, look it up at dictionary.com. I'll wait.

I read an interview with a guy who makes his living with mini sites. He said he has hundreds of them. He said that if he has hundreds of sites making even a hundred dollars a week, it's a pretty good living. His only regret is that he didn't start building more of them earlier.

I guess... But it seems to me that having hundreds of domain names to renew every year and hundreds of websites that you need to host and hundreds of websites to promote maybe isn't the ideal solution for everyone. Especially a newbie. And the glitch is that you won't get rich with just one mini-niche.

Each mini site is, of course, a niche. I mean, really, how many products can you cover in 1-5 pages? Unless you have hundreds of blinking banners on one page, but we all know those sites don't work.

Then I think of Adam's site at dogproblems.com. Now there's a niche, but it's no mini. If you click on the articles page, you'll see what I mean. Know what Adam's site does? It's not just a pitch, it also scratches an itch. If you have a dog, you'll find something helpful there. Maybe lots of somethings. It's not just a one page "buy my ebook or flake off" kind of site. He makes his living from that site.

Know why it works so well? Because he actually knows dogs. He doesn't just play a dog trainer on tv or the Internet, he's a real dog trainer in his real life. He actually knows dogs and how to make them behave.

It's all a matter of perspective. You have to decide what's right for you, but to do that, you have to know the difference. So here it is.

A mini site is usually a niche site.
A niche site doesn't have to be a mini site.
Mini sites are like potato chips. You can't just have one.

Come see what I do;

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Site Design and Search Engine Optimization

Get nuts and bolts tips on how to plan, build, and optimize your web site for maximum online impact.

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Peter Browne

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The Three Click Rule or Not

In a recent review I conducted, I made mention of The "Three Click" Rule and I would like to address this somewhat further in this article.

There is always a lot of debate on what constitutes good design elements and The "Three-Click" Rule has been around for along time. Is it right or true that people will abandon a website if they cannot find what they are looking for in Three Clicks?

The basic convention is that site navigation should be so simple that a visitor never has to click more than three times to reach the desired content. The fact is that recent studies have shown that the so-called "three click rule" may be more myth than reality. What's really important is creating an effective Navigation System that directs visitors where they want to go.

The three-click rule is simple: a visitor should never have to visit more than three pages after the home page to find the information they are looking for. Some designers even include the main page, which then means information has to be available within two clicks of the main page.

It is a published and known fact that 92% of online hotel reservation web sites conform to the three-click rule. KPMG has an on-line REPORT all about it.

Navigation must be designed to assist visitors in finding the information you want them to find quickly - hence The Three Click Rule. Recently some design and usability professionals question the accuracy of this.

It is a fact that when people are interested by the content provided at a website, they will click from front to back to find read what you are offering, especially if the content matters to them. This in fact negates The Three Click Rule.

What is more important is Navigation. It has to be usable and accurate. Getting from page to page should be easy and the visitor should always be able to reverse navigate just as easily.

Website visitors usually do not mind the few extra clicks it takes to get to the information they are after. However, they hate wandering through a site with no clear destination in sight. The structure and navigation should help your visitors find information quickly and easily. It should also help you promote your site to search engines. Do you know what type of navigation elements are readable to a search engine bot and which are not?

While there is a lot of dispute over The Three Click Rule, and I do agree 100% that navigation is much more important. Where it really still comes into play is when you operate a shopping cart.

When you have a potential buyer all set to make the commitment and purchase from you, this is where the fewer the clicks the better, still counts.

In a lot of cases, you took time to build the relationship and trust with the customer. You might have spent considerable sums of money to attract and acquire the targeted traffic that was this potential customer and you do not want to jeopardize that trust by using a confusing order process.

The reality of The Three Click Rule is that we should not be critical of a rule that, in essence, has a purpose and effect of helping to keep the focus on visitors and their requirements or needs. The real problem we should look at is the quality of content and the ease at which it is presented.

So while we have always had The Three Click Rule and will have for a long time never forget NAVIGATION RULES!

Peter G Browne
A Website For Christmas
Bengal Marketing

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The Science of Advertising

It's all about getting visitors to your site, customers through your door, and everyone remembering who you and your business are.  Class is in.  I'm your teacher Mr. Page. 

Clay Page

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Do You Really Need An Advertising Plan?

"Life will not go according to plan if you do not have a plan!" The same holds true to your advertising efforts, if you do not have a plan, you're wasting time and money!

To begin, there the old saying of Paul Gaugin that speaks volumes when he said "I shut my eyes in order to see."

What I believe he means to a degree is in order for greater success, you have to stop thinking about the norm and seek out those means that are new, different or innovated ways of approaching new ideas.

For an example, think about the many automotive adverts we see each day that are promoted by all the major car manufactures. If one idea or ad worked, we would see the same ad over and over, but we don't.

So in this series of lessons we want to expand the opportunity to reach outside the standard norm of advertising a product or service and start in a new direction of promoting the sale rather than the traditional means of selling the product.

Over the years I've worked with clients who devoted countless hours and capital to develop a database of products and services but invested little attention or money in promoting their offers. To me it was like buying a Ferrari and then using the cheapest fuel. Sure it will run, but will it give you optimal performance you expect?

What is the difference between promoting the "selling process" over that of "selling the product"?

We all know that a successful selling process will "inspire" the reader (consumer) to purchase the product and that is done through the concept of promoting the product rather that selling the main points of the product.

So what is the difference between promoting and selling? For a great example, evaluate the following two adverts for a set of gloves.

The first is the standard, although very good copy, norm for selling the benefits of a product.

Headlines: Fun in the snow? He needs serious performance!

- Waterproof, windproof, and insulated to keep hands warm and dry.
- Fingers are specially constructed to fit better.
- Reinforced fingertips won't blow out.
- Palms give you a good grip.

Now the next ad copy "promotes" the product in more of a personal way of communicating and affords the reader to fill in the blanks and to "imagine" the benefits that the reader sees or relates with if they purchased the product.

Headlines: Let nary a pinky go cold!

The warmest parka in the world won't do much good if your hands get cold and soggy. Slip on our sporty snow gloves, and you'll be ready to play all day. First, the rugged nylon shell is ready for rough wear, and we've reinforced key stress areas like the palm and fingertips.

Next, a waterproof liner protects the insulation, so these gloves keep their warming power. And the inside is lined with cloud-soft microfleece, a haven on raw days. Even the fingers will fit better, thanks to technical fourchette construction.

Gloves have elastic wrists with cinch strap to seal out snow and slush. Plus there's a small zip pocket on the back of the hand for a locker key. Ready for a full day in the snow? Don't forget our sporty snow gloves and they are machine washable!

As you can see in the above ad copy there's a description that tells a beautiful story about the product and inspires you to "feel" how it will improve your quality of life. In the traditional selling of a product you'll get the vital statistics: size, fabric, color, etc. and some elusive description of the benefits the product offers.

Which one makes you want to buy?

So when creating a powerful ad campaign and plan, you must plan on communicating with the reader (consumer) in a way that really is communicating face-to-face.

Imagine we are at a party and you ask me what I'm selling and I answered with the first ad copy and stopped. Would you be inspired to buy from me?

The latter copy (communication/story) leaves you thinking/feeling and I bet you would be more inclined to carry on the conversation with me about the product, the start of the selling process.

(Later I will show you how to use your ALP forum to continue with the above tactic to increase your success)

Point One:

The idea is to "promote" the start of a conversation with the reader about the product instead of leaving the reader with a choice of yes or no after hearing the ad copy. You want the imagination of the reader to lead them to desiring to know more and the best way to get that started is through telling a story about the product/service.

So how do you develop a new idea for ad copy that promotes/inspires the reader to "feel" how it will improve the quality of their life and desire to learn more?

Developing a new idea is daunting when you don't know where to start, so the best place to start is investing a little time when it comes to building a collection of background material on the product.

The Secret for New Ideas

Get your hands/eyes on everything you can get your hands on about the product: information on brand positioning, marketing materials, press releases, research reports, examples of competitors' web sites, industry publications, etc.

Don't filter what you think will be relevant to the task, thinking you'll save time. You never know what might spur an idea from the information you've gathered while working on a project. The more information you collect and read, the more you are fueling your creative machine (mind) that will sooner than later, evolved into some great ideas!

Some of the best ideas ever, have come not when concentrating on developing such an idea but when the subconscious takes you by surprise. The more information you have gathered about the product/service, you'll leave little to chance.

Remember what I mentioned in the beginning: Buying a Ferrari and then using the cheapest fuel will not deliver the performance you're expecting, so invest the time to get to know your product and the ideas will evolve.

The adage of "an interesting story is well worth the investment in personal research" is understated when it comes to building a successful ad campaign and plan.

A great promotional story not only makes for better reading, it can differentiate your message from the competition's, so make an investment in high performance fuel to power your selling machine.

So the best way to inspire the ideas that will be the cornerstone of your ad campaign is to nurture an active and open mind that will more readily furnish you with bright, innovative concepts.

So remember, "I shut my eyes in order to see" (Paul Gaugin) is really letting go of the traditional way of advertising and start promoting a story that inspires the reader, and anyone can achieve greater results.

If you cannot join us on the conference call, please check back for a summary of the call (recording) where you can listen to the highlights of the discussion.

Also, if you have any questions about lesson one, please post your question or comments below to start the conversation.

Have a great adventure in creating an ad masterpiece!

Additional Resources for Your Consideration...

* Communications That Get Results! - Beverly Armstrong

* Prospecting 101 - Beverly Armstrong

- Introduction of Lessons http://community.adlandpro.com/forumShowPost.aspx?PostID=183685

- Lesson One (Reading Now)

- Lesson Two

Clay Page

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Web Logs, Blogs and the Art of Blogging

The ongoing growth of Blogs and RSS feeds

Kenneth Sword

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Blogs Are Like Transformers ...

We all are hearing about it and seeing more of it ... Blogs and Blogging.

It's hot but people are still not sure of what it is or how to use it.

Bill Dugan, an AdlandPro member has a forum that covers the setup and basic understanding of a blog and how to get it syndicated.


Blogs are becoming more sophisticated in how you can use them. Looking into adding features to my company's blog service has me studying other technologies.

Phone text messaging and podcasting are coming into the picture now and look to be coming on STRONG!

So, let me briefly tell about text messaging using cell phones and email sends.

First, to use a cell phone, you need to have email service through your mobile service provider (MSP).

Same as receiving email you can send email.

Now, if your blog service is equipped for mobile text messaging you will need to supply your blog in it's setup the email address you have with your MSP.

Some blog services will give you a special addy to put in your cell phone to send to your blog. It's a security feature so you don't get a lot of postings you don't wish to receive from other cell phones and you will know where the post came from.

Why would you want to send from your cell phone a message to your blog.

Let's say you are in the sporting goods business. You hear that the city is going to allocate a huge amount of money into Parks and Recreations and that means equipment sales.

Why would you send this to your blog? If your blog is private and used as an idea journal you can enter info like as if it's a daytimer. A reminder for later.

Let's say though you have a public blog, instead of sending info on sporting equipment you know the city will be looking for landscapers and other contractors that are not in competition with you.

Posting it could get you in touch as a middle person for more info and start a network with other fields that can work together, expanding your business as well.

This is only an example and don't be afraid to use your imagination.

Also, you can use your regular email to send to the blog, too. Setup is similar and used the same.

I'll cover podcasting soon.

Kenneth R Sword Jr

Bizzy Blogz

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