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 Adland Digest FREE Edition #494
  April 18, 2006

Information Your Business Needs RIGHT NOW

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Who Am I?

Courtesy of Linda Caroll, our Internet Profit and Newbies advisor, we have for you this week a very clever riddle:

I am your constant companion.

I am your greatest helper or heaviest burden.
I will push you onward or drag you down to failure.

I am the servant of all great people
and, alas, of all failures as well.

Those who are great, I have made great.
Those who are failures, I have made failures.

You may run me for profit or run me for ruin,
it makes no difference to me.

Take me, train me and I will place the world at your feet.
Be easy with me and I will destroy you.

Who am I?


Can you guess? Fill in the blank; I am __________.

(Answer at the bottom of this newsletter)

Kenneth Sword, our "Blog Guy" brings us a quick tip on commenting as it relates to blogging and finally Willie Crawford shows us that, if done properly, reselling rights can an do produce income for internet marketers. 

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Internet and Profit Newbies

If you're new to making money on the internet, get to know the Do's and Don'ts of taking the step into the world of generating income online. 

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Linda Caroll
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Good, fast and cheap

In the book "The End of Advertising As We Know It" by Sergio Zyman, Zyman lists 8 things that he says are critical to consider. I liked this one so much I'd love to put it on my website.


Quick turnaround, good quality, inexpensive; Two out of three is all you get.

Granted, the Internet has helped make research faster, better, and cheaper, but overall this rule is still true today. If you think you can do all three, you're wrong. And, if someone tries to tell you that he or she can do all three for you, keep your hand on your wallet.

[end excerpt]

My own area of business is a prime example. You hire Front Page Sally. She builds you a website that you "think" is good, fast and cheap. What you don't know is that it only works in some browsers and some of your visitors can't use your order forms. And it doesn't work on a Mac. And it looks laughable on a 19" monitor.

But you don't know any of that, because it works in "your" browser. If you'd visited Sally's site in another browser or platform, you'd never have hired her. Lucky for her. Not so lucky for you.

What's even worse is when Front Page Sally *thinks* she's doing great work, and is blissfully unaware of her own lack of knowledge.

To add to the confusion, Front Page Sally boldly proclaims that designers who charge $1500+ are ripoff artists because "she" can do a professional site for $249. And then there's Front Page Frank, who sees the higher rates, and charges $1500 for his lousy work because he doesn't know it's lousy.

And then you get Html Heidi, who actually learned proper coding - but she sees all those cheap web designers out there and is afraid to charge a decent price, so she's underpriced horribly.

Eventually, price is no indication of quality anymore.

Personally, I think the "good/fast/cheap" issue is a huge problem online. A lot of people *think* they can get all three.... and a lot of people *think* they offer all three... but thinking never made anything so. Thinking I'm a monkey doesn't make me one.

Thoughts? Other examples?

: )

Come see what I do;

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Web Logs, Blogs and the Art of Blogging

The ongoing growth of Blogs and RSS feeds

Kenneth Sword

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A quick tip about 'Comments' left on your blog.

Almost all blogs have a comment function and can be very effective to your readers to see you having comments from others.

They become endorsements for you and your product(s). The reader voluntarily leaves a comment of their own words and is the best thing for you.

Encourage your readers by leaving a line of text at the end of your post saying 'Feel free to leave comments below' and they will.

Quick tidbit and it's free.


Kenneth R Sword Jr
Co-CEO - Bizzy Blogz
http://www.bizzyblogz.com/krsword http://www.bizzyblogz.com/AutoBlogAds/  http://www.bizzyblogz.com/YourOwnArticles/  http://www.bizzyblogz.com/PrivateLabelBooks/  http://www.bizzyblogz.com/PrivatelLabelAudioBooks/ 

New! Bizzy Blogz Community - like MySpace
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Bizzy Blogz


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Special Guest Articles

These professional articles written by industry leaders.  Adlandpro.com has a free article library you can learn from here.


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Can You Really Make A Fortune Off Of Reprint Rights?
Copyright 2004 by Willie Crawford

Visit Ebay or any of ten thousand other websites and
you'll see people offering reprint rights everywhere.
They all tell you that with their great reprint rights
you'll be in business instantly with "your own product"
and that you get to keep all of the money.

By can you really make money selling reprint rights
and is it worth your time?

Let me give you a few examples from my personal
experience, and then you be the judge....

I'll start with the most recent rights I bought first.
After reading Paul Hancox ebook "Small changes:
Big Profits - How to quickly and easily make more
sales from your website," I saw that he offered reprint
rights for only $149. This product had a suggested
retail price of $27, which I had gladly paid and I was
very satisfied with the product.

To digress a little... one of my criteria for buying
reprint rights is that I have to have actually used
the product FIRST. I won't offer my list something that
I have not seen, read, touched, experienced, and enjoyed.
I suggest that if you are going to offer your list a
product that you adopt the same rule.

Anyway.... I reasoned that if I invested $149 in Paul's
reprint rights I only needed 6 sales to break even. So it
wasn't a very big risk. Therefore I went for it! I sent
a mailing to my list but before I even did that, I began
mentioning the book in personal emails to clients and
friends. In less than a day I had tripled my money. After
sending a mailing to my I list had multiplied my money
by some embarrassing number of times!

This product was the type of reprint rights that I like
to buy. It's a product that I know is needed.... I
can put up a simple sales page and I know that the
product will sell itself for years to come. I know that
with very little effort I'll earn over $1000 a month in
profits from that simple product. You can check it out
at: http://TheRealSecrets.com/thebook/ to see how
simple my marketing is for this ebook.

Another product that I market the same way is a $19
interview on how to host your own seminars and teleseminars.
Fred Gleeck (who has done over 1350 seminars) was interviewed
by Jim Lanford and they recorded it. When Audrey Lanford
decided to sell her business at WZ.com she offer reprint
rights to Fred's interview. The rights were less than $150...
if I am not mistaken.

I run ads for this interview/ebook in various targeted
ezines and mention it on a few of my sites. It routinely
earns me $500 to $1000 per month. All this with very little
effort on my part because the product sells itself.
You can see how I have this set-up at:

A third example of how simple it can be, is that I purchased
the reprint rights to Bob Serling's Power Copywriting For
The Internet from Corey Rudl's Internet Marketing Center.
These rights cost me just under $1000 and the suggested
retail price for the course is $147. It took me less than
a month to recoup my investment, and every month I do very
well with that product too. You can check it out at:

Notice with that last example how I got a domain name that
had my keywords in it and that it's fairly easy to remember
... if you know the copywriter? That domain name costs me
less than $8 per year and my hosting is only $5 per month.
That's for something that semi-automatically generates over
$1000 per month :-)

I could give you numerous other examples, but won't. You
get the point. I put on a teleseminar on buying and selling
reprint rights a while back and recorded that teleseminar.
I then turned the teleseminar into another income stream
as well as offered reprint rights to it! Do you see how
easy this can be? That teleseminar with myself and
internet marketing expert (and lawyer) Dr. Bob Silber took
less than 2 hours to do, and also generates an embarrassing
amount each month. You can check it out at:
... another clever name :-)

I mentioned that you can grab domain names for as little as
$8 per year and host them for as little as $5 per month. I get
my domain names through my own registration service at:
I host many of my sites at Host4Profit. You can check them out
at: http://WillieCrawford.com/myhost.html

So now I've convinced you that you can do well with the
correct reprint rights! The key again is to know and love
the product. Know that it will provide your customers with
genuine value. Check out my teleseminar for more tips on
both buying and selling reprint rights at:

I did come across some terrific reprint rights this week that
I will recommend. They are offered by Rebecca Hagel. She is only
offering 20 licenses total, so you won't face crazy competition.
I really love her material! You can check out Becky's reprint
rights at: http://TheRealSecrets.com/becky.html

To answer my question, "Can you really make a fortune off of
reprint rights" ... that depends upon your definition of
"fortune." However, I generate several very nice income
streams from reprint rights, as I've just shared with you. I
know many others doing the same. I don't see why you can't too.

About the Author

Willie Crawford has been teaching others how to build an
on-line business since late 1996. Frequently featured in
radio, magazine and newspaper articles and interviews, Willie
teaches the average guy what the top marketers are doing but
seldom talking about. For example, Willie demonstrates the
power of automated residual income through his system at:
http://ProfitAutomation.Com Discover the secret now!


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