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 Adland Digest FREE Edition #546
  Tuesday, May 22, 2007

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Who Are You?

One of the greatest secrets to successful internet marketing I’ve ever seen on the internet is really not a secret at all. In fact, it’s a well known and widely used idea in the internet marketing world. What is it?

It’s relating to your customer on a personal level. On the level of you, as a person and your customer as an individual. Not your company as an organization and your customer as just one person. When you talk to your friends about yourself, do you use the term “we”? When you meet people and they say “Nice to meet you. I’m Dennis” do you reply with “Pleasure to meet you. I’m XYZ Inc.” They’d probably think you were insane. No, you’d likely use the terms “you” and “I”. You’d introduce yourself with your name. Our natural tendency is to interact on a personal level because that is what makes us feel comfortable and it creates a connection on a deeper level.

Using your name as well as your customer’s name is a powerful method of creating rapport, one of the first stages in building a business relationship.

Here’s another argument for why it’s better relate to your customer on a one-on-one level as opposed to on a company/client basis.

  • When you have a problem with a product or you have questions and you call a support line, would you rather hear someone live pick up that phone as opposed to “For technical support, press 1. For billing inquiries, press 2…”?

  • When you speak with a representative of a company, would you rather hear, “I have several services I’d think would help you out. Why don’t we take a look at them together?” as opposed to “We have many different products and services and we can help you make the right choices.”

  • When you’re driving and listening to the radio, are you more inclined to listen to someone speaking as opposed to the ads that interrupt the music you drive to?

This is probably going to hit you pretty hard but I’m going to get in your face a little bit by telling you that no matter how spectacular your company is, people don’t give a rat’s “hiney” about it or you UNTIL either one provides them with some value or benefit. In fact, even before you can even get to the stage where you can communicate the benefits of your company and its products with most people, you’d have to develop some form of a positive relationship first. They need to know that you’re interested in them as an individual; that you are in tune with their needs; that you’re a person who understands them. A friend.

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In this day and age where the internet is full of scams and useless product, and fly-by-night companies, trust is a commodity. When you deal with your customers, look to secure trust before trying to secure payment. Trying for a sale before creating an atmosphere of trust is like asking for her phone number before any conversation has taken place. “Buzz off creep” and she’s gone for good.

If you think I’m full of hot air, find 10 random people and before you know anything about them, tell them about your company and what it does. Use terms like “we” and “our”. Notice how quickly you see their eyes glaze over desperately seeking any reason to excuse themselves from your presence? Count the number times you hear an insincere “Oh”, “Really”, “Uh huh”, and “Wow. That’s interesting”

Bottom line: People would rather deal with people. Not corporations. They want to do business with people they know and trust. They want to know that if they have a problem, they have a “friend” on the inside. They want to know that someone they are familiar with is looking after their needs. If you can position you and your business in this way, you’re well on your way to becoming a successful internet marketer. Not only that, but you’ll build a solid and loyal following all along the way.


Michael Dela Cruz,

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Special Guest Articles

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Choose The Right Promotional Product For Your Company
Copyright 2007 by Dennis Scheffler

To find the right promotional product for your company can be time consuming and difficult. This is one of the reasons why some companies assign marketing agencies to do the work for them. Not all companies (especially the small business) have the budget to pay for these marketing agencies so they have to do all the work alone.

What I have to do before I search for a promotional product ?

The first step you should do is brainstorming. You have to ask yourself what you want to get printed on your promotional product and what you want to promote ?

You want to promote

1. a product which your company sells to customers.
2. your company.
3. your homepage.

The best way is to combine 2 of these 3 points to get the best afford. For example: Print your company address or logo(2) and the URL of your homepage(3) on the promotional product. Or you can print the name of one of your products(1) on it with a few describing words and the URL of the homepage(3) where your customers can find your product.

After you have decided what you want to promote you have to think about which promotional product fits best to your company.

In which industry do your company work ?

Write down the words which are synonymously to your companies industry or the products you sell. For example if your company is a bank you can write down the words: money, dollar, credit. It will help you later to find the right product group on the websites of the several merchants.

Use a search engine to find merchants of promotional products.

Search for the keyword "promotional products" at google, yahoo or msn. You will find a lot of merchants. Now look at the merchants homepage and use their search functions. Type the words of the synonyms you had found above into the keyword search box. When the results for this keyword appear than bookmark the best products pages in your browser. Compare the prices of these promotional products (including shipping and printing costs) to get the highest quantity from your budget. You shall also ask the merchants for a free sample so that you can convince yourself of the quality of the promotional product.

When you follow all the above mentioned steps you should find the best promotional product for your company.

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Sales Lessons From The Grocery Aisle!
Copyright 2007 by Kim Duke

"The odds of going to the store for a loaf of bread and coming out with only a loaf are three billion to one." - Erma Bombeck

There are many things we all have in common and one of them is that we have ALL gone grocery shopping (definitely not one of my favorite tasks!)

Erma Bombeck was right.

When have you ever walked into the grocery store and bought...one banana?  You may have had the best of intentions but as you were walking briskly to the till ...SOMETHING ELSE caught your eye.  All of a sudden you remembered you needed Kleenex,  pasta, 2 lemons, Diet Coke, yogurt and the most recent edition of O magazine. 

Soon your little red basket is bulging, weighs about 15 pounds and your arm feels like it is going to fall off. 

I KNOW this has happened to you! 

Well - you have just been involved in the Grocery Store Sales Experience  and there are 3 lessons to be learned for your business!

1. Your Customer Needs To Be Reminded Of What You Have

Just as you sometimes forget to take a list to the grocery store - your customer forgets what YOU have to offer.  They can be so caught up in the "day to day busy-ness" that you are quickly forgotten.  You need to stay in front of them ..and OFTEN! 

* Are you "seeding" your customers with ideas through the mail?
* Asking them if their situation has changed?
* Providing them with useful info (like this e-zine) on a consistent basis?

2.  Your Customer Will Buy Other Products/Services If You Have Them

A grocery store doesn't offer just one banana.

You are going to find it tough if you have only one product or service to sell. Why?  Your customer may not want, need or can't afford that particular item or service.  They need some options! The key is that the options are relevant to them and also fit under the "theme" of what you do.

How can your customer "sample" what you provide? (There are some great tips about this in my book Tickled pink: The Secrets of Attracting Delightful Customers!) 

Remember - one of the fastest ways to grow your business is to have additional products and services that your customer can purchase.   Once they love you - they will want to buy many things from you - what are you currently offering them?

3.  Package Products/Services Together For Maximum Impact

You've seen it.  A grocery display with a huge pile of strawberries - and right beside it...you guessed it...whipped cream, shortcake, chocolate sauce - all combined in one "handy" area.  You may initially have only been thinking about strawberries...but now you are drooling over the strawberry shortcake you will eat while watching CSI!

These 3 rules will help you to DRAMATICALLY  increase the average cost per sale - without adding a ton of work, energy and effort on your part!  More money - more fun - hey - it is the Diva Way!

About The Author

Kim Duke, The Sales Diva, provides savvy, sassy sales training for women small biz owners and entrepreneurs. Kim works with clients internationally, showing them The Sales Diva secrets to success!

Sign up for her saucy and smart FREE e-zine and receive her FREE Bonus Report "The 5 Biggest Sales Mistakes Women Make" at http://www.salesdivas.com.
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