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 Adland Digest FREE Edition #643
  Friday, September 5, 2008

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Worldwide Holidays for September 2008

1st September

Evacuation Day (Italian): Libya.

Labor Day: Canada, United States.

2nd September

Independence Day: Vietnam.

3rd September

Independence Day: Qatar.

Independence Movement Day: Tunisia.

Saint Matinus' Day: San Marino.

5th September

Ganesh Chaturthi: Mauritius.

6th September

Bonaire Day: Bonaire.

Defence Day: Pakistan.

Independence Day: Swaziland.

7th September

Independence Day: Brazil.

Victory Day: Mozambique.

8th September

National Day: Andorra.

Our Lady of Victories - National Holiday in Malta.

9th September

Days of Liberation: Bulgaria.

Independence Day: North Korea, Tajikistan.

10th September

Days of Liberation: Bulgaria.

St. George's Caye Day: Belize.

11th September

Quaid-e-Azam Death Anniversary: Pakistan.

12th September

Revolution Day: Ethiopia.

14th September

San Jacinto Day: Guatemala, Nicaragua.

15th September

Independence Day: Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua.

Maria Himmelfahrt: Austria, Germany, Switzerland.

16th September

Independence Day: Mexico, New Guinea.

17th September

Heroes' Day: Angola.

Independence Day: Marshall Islands.

18th September

Independence Day: Chile.

Victory of Uprona: Burundi.

19th September

Army Day: Chile.

Independence Day: Saint Kitts.

21st September

Independence Day: Malta.
Malta attained Independence from the United Kingdom in 1964.

Independence Day: Belize.

22nd September

Independence Day: Mali.

23rd September

Independence Day: Armenia.

National Day: Saudi Arabia.

24th September

Mercedes Day: Dominican Republic.

Republic Day: Guinea.

Republic Day: Trinidad & Tobago.

25th September

Liberation Day: Mozambique.

Assembly Day: Rwanda.

26th September

Mid-Autumn Day: China, Hong Kong, Taiwan.

27th September

Mid-Autumn Day: Macao.

28th September

Confucius' Birthday: Taiwan.

National Day: Yemen.

29th September

Boqueron Battle Day: Paraguay.

Constitution Day: Brunei.

30th September

Independence Day: Botswana



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How To Use Bartering To Gain An Advantage Over Your Competition

By Dan Hall
If you have a business on the Internet you should be bartering goods and services with other businesses. You should always try to trade for something before you buy it. Barter deals usually require no money. Although sometimes you may need money to offset the value of the goods or services being traded.

Bartering will give you many advantages over your competition.
It can save your business money. You can spend the extra money on a buying paid Internet advertising. It allows you to offer your products and services at a lower price than your competition. You can afford to get the higher priced goods and services to compete on the internet.

There are numerous ways to find barter deals online. Set up a barter message board or chat room on your web site to get more barter offers. Note on your web site or e-zine you are willing to barter for goods and services. Join newsgroups or e-mail discussion groups that are about bartering. Join an online barter club to meet other businesses that barter. Find web sites that barter by looking up the keywords barter, trade, or swap in your search engine of choice.
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There are a few things you should do before bartering. Compile a list of your goods and services you are willing to barter.
Make a list of goods and services you need or want for your online business. Know the approximate cash value of the things you are trying to trade and the value of the things you are seeking in return. All of this information can help you negotiate a successful barter deal.

When proposing a barter offer, tell the person the benefits of the barter deal. Explain to them why it would be a win/win situation. Give their business many compliments in your proposal. Prove to them why it would be a fair trade. This type of proposal can increase your chances off them saying "Yes, I will barter.

About the Author:
Dan Hall (The Gasoline Income Guy)
The Lord: http://www.familyradio.com (Find your Radio Station.) The Common Cause: http://www.GasolineIncome.com The Common Liberator: mailto:GasMoney@GetResponse.com The Common Blog Debate: http://www.gasolineincome.blogspot.com
The Common 3-Easy-Steps: http://www.GasolineIncome.com/pips.html
The Common Big Cahuna: http://profiles.yahoo.com/gasolineincome
My Blog Spot Profile: http://www.blogger.com/profile/13496894


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 Differentiate Yourself

By Michael Angier
Competition is a fact of life in business. It's good for the economy. It's good for customers and it's good for us as business owners and managers. It keeps us constantly improving our products and services. It hones our skills and stretches our imagination. All very positive.
But just how can we compete effectively?

The best way to compete is to differentiate ourselves--to stand out from our competition because of the unique gifts and special style we bring to the marketplace.

Sometimes this can be done by being first.
Xerox did it in copiers. Kleenex did it in tissues. They're not generic names, but these trademarked products have become almost generic and they stand out because they were well positioned.

For most of us, this differentiating factor is not within our reach. If we can't be first on the market, we're forced to do something else.

So how do we do this?

First, we must know what our unique assets are.
This takes some soul-searching. It takes some thinking.

What do we do best? What do we love doing?
Where have we received the most tribute?

Are we faster, less expensive, more responsive, cleaner, lighter, hipper? Are we friendlier or easier to do business with?

If we're not any of these things, we can reinvent ourselves. We can DECIDE what we want to be known for.

But don't try to be something you're not. This reinvention should really be a discovery of latent values and qualities--things that were always there but rarely exploited.

Once we're clear on who we are and what we stand for, we must take every opportunity to show people what we're all about. We must tell our story, tell it well and tell it often. The ideal is to get other people telling our story.

Most of this is just common sense. It's just not very common. Southwest Airlines and Jet Blue are about the only airlines making any money these days. What's their secret?

Well, Southwest is known for low fares, friendly people and fun flights. Jet Blue is known for new planes (all the same type), video screens in every leather seat, low fares and friendly service.

They're known for this because they deliver on this reputation day in and day out. And they're good at telling their stories well. There's good buzz about what they do, how they do it and how well it's working. People rave about their experiences flying on these airlines.

This isn't rocket science, right? No wonder they're turning profits when others are declaring or trying to emerge from bankruptcy.

Besides having a clear vision, mission and purpose, there's probably nothing more important for you to do to compete effectively than differentiating yourself.

Of course it must be done with substance and based upon your core values. And it also must be backed up with commitment. With everyone paying attention to what's important, it will permeate the entire organization.

You'll be known for what you want to be known for. You'll have more fun doing what you do best.
You'll serve your customers better. You'll stand out and step up your profits and your fulfillment --for you and your employees


About the Author:

Michael Angier, founder of SuccessNet.org, recently released the New SuccessNet Resource Book--the Top Must-Have Tools, Products, Services and Resources for Running Your Business Effectively
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