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 Adland Digest FREE Edition #820
Saturday, September 10, 201

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Worldwide Holidays or Events for September 2011

1st September
Evacuation Day (Italian): Libya.

2nd September
Independence Day: Vietnam.

3rd September
Independence Day: Qatar.

Independence Movement Day: Tunisia.

Saint Matinus' Day: San Marino.

5th September
Labor Day: Canada, United States.

Bonaire Day: Bonaire.

Defence Day: Pakistan.

Independence Day: Swaziland.

7th September
Independence Day: Brazil.

Victory Day: Mozambique.

8th September
National Day: Andorra.

Our Lady of Victories - National Holiday in Malta.

Commemorative Ceremony in Valletta to celebrate the lifting of 1565 Siege against the Turks, the capitulation of the French in 1800, and the end of the siege of the Axis powers in 1943. A colorful boat-rowing regatta held at the Grand Harbor in the afternoon. Traditional feasts are held at: Senglea, Naxxar and Mellieha in Malta; and at Xaghra in Gozo.

9th September
Days of Liberation: Bulgaria.

Independence Day: North Korea, Tajikistan.

10th September
Days of Liberation: Bulgaria.

St. George's Caye Day: Belize.

11th September
Quaid-e-Azam Death Anniversary: Pakistan.

12th September
Revolution Day: Ethiopia.

14th September
San Jacinto Day: Guatemala, Nicaragua.

15th September
Independence Day: Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua.

Maria Himmelfahrt: Austria, Germany, Switzerland.

16th September
Independence Day: Mexico, New Guinea.

17th September
Heroes' Day: Angola.

Independence Day: Marshall Islands.

18th September
Independence Day: Chile.

Victory of Uprona: Burundi.

19th September
Army Day: Chile.

Independence Day: Saint Kitts.

21st September
Independence Day: Malta.
Malta attained Independence from the United Kingdom in 1964.

Independence Day: Belize.

22nd September
Independence Day: Mali.

23rd September
Independence Day: Armenia.

National Day: Saudi Arabia.

24th September
Mercedes Day: Dominican Republic.

Republic Day: Guinea.

Republic Day: Trinidad & Tobago.

25th September
Liberation Day: Mozambique.

Assembly Day: Rwanda.

26th September
Mid-Autumn Day: China, Hong Kong, Taiwan.

27th September
Mid-Autumn Day: Macao.

28th September
Confucius' Birthday: Taiwan.

National Day: Yemen.

29th September
Boqueron Battle Day: Paraguay.

Constitution Day: Brunei.

30th September
Independence Day: Botswana

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7 Golden Rules of Starting a New Business
By Tom Bordon


What are the golden rules of starting a new business? Or rather, the golden rules of succeeding with a new business?

Anyone who is planning to start a new business - be it startups or business owners who are planning to exit a business and start a new one, go through the same dilemma. What business to venture into? How to choose the right investment? What are the chances of success...?

There is no hard and fast rulebook for starting and succeeding in a new business or everyone who started a new business would have succeeded in it. Every business has its own strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. But there are some fundamental principles that help you lay a strong foundation for a new business and help it grow into a flourishing venture.

Do what suits you best

If you are a start up, choose a business venture that excites you; something which you love doing. Never choose a venture only by its financial possibilities. There is no fun in building up something which you don't enjoy. If you don't like what you are doing and do it only because you think it offers better possibilities of growth, then success, even if it comes your way, will be temporary or unfulfilled.

If you are a business owner and you are looking to diversify, choose a venture that synergies with your current one. This will not only help you be in a stronger position with better business knowledge of your industry, you will also enjoy your new venture as a fresh area of growth. For instance, if your business deals with supplying food materials, you can explore areas in processed foods or food products.

Fulfill a need

Fulfilling an existing demand is always safer than creating a new demand. It is one golden rule that always works for new businesses that do not have the financial muscle to start a farm fresh new concept and convince prospects that they do need what you want to sell to them. It is safer to venture into a business which produces products and services that fulfills a need which customers know they have.

But remember to identify the USP (Unique Selling Proposition) of your product/service to make it stand out from the crowd of competitors. Once you yourself are convinced about your product/service, you will be able to convince your customers to buy from as opposed to your competitors.


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Are the margins healthy?

The growth possibilities are always better in businesses where you can have a healthy gross profit margin. If the difference between your cost price and selling price is narrow, you will not have much left to plan expansion, hire more people, promote your business or save for reserves. Therefore, choose a business that offers a better possibility of profits.

Give the right picture

One golden rule that many start ups and new businesses give short consideration to is promising more than what they can deliver. Don't oversell your products or services by promising to your customers something you can't deliver. It is always better to beat expectations by providing a better-than-expected product than handling disappointed customers who expected more than what they received. Be truthful about your products and true to your buyers.

Business plan is a must

Before jumping into a business, create a well-detailed business plan which will include profit/loss forecast, cash flow analysis and break-even analysis. Creating a business plan will help you analyze how much your start-up costs will be, what your cash flow requirements are and what your marketing strategy will be. Once you have a well-laid out business plan, it will be convenient for you to work your way up, set your targets and plan your growth.

Keep all agreements in hard copy writing for your records

Keep all your contracts and agreements in hard copy. These include contracts detailing the sale of goods, rental agreements, paperwork regarding purchase orders, and storage agreements. Don't rely on verbal agreements. Business is business, and you will regret it if you do not document everything.

Remember to keep a backup of all your records, because if you store everything in on one computer hard drive without regular off-site backups, you are creating a recipe for failure. One hard disk crash can be disastrous. Don't take shortcuts when it comes to keeping records and agreements in safe and secure hard copy and backups.

Seek professional help from CEO clubs

It is a good idea to seek professional help from experienced people who have rich experiences in starting and succeeding in new businesses. Join a CEO club where other CEOs from non-competing industries can properly guide you on how to go about starting your new business and at the same time handling the current business successfully. A CEO association can also help you create an effective business plan and offer you practical suggestions.


About the Author:

Tom Bordon is a freelance writer who has extensively written about CEO association in Atlanta and executive business coaching. His articles focus on guiding CEOs, COOs and top level executives in starting a new business, selling a business and making exit planning strategies.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Tom_Bordon 



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Top 5 E-Marketing Must Haves For Small Business?

By Jedha Dening

As a small business you must utilize any marketing channel that you can to help boost your business. E-marketing, otherwise known as internet marketing or electronic marketing, is the most affordable marketing channel available for small businesses. Yet it is possibly the most under utilized marketing channel actually used by small business owners.

So what are the absolute 'must have's' for small businesses right now?

1. A decent website
You simply must have a website! This might seem like stating the obvious but I meet business owners everyday that still do not have a website for their business. And one other word of advice, make sure it's a decent one. Please don't get the kid next door to do it for you because chances are it won't be done properly. A decent website is a great investment in your business.

2. A business blog
Start a business blog on your website. With a business blog you can add regular articles, updates, specials, announcements, product information or resources for your customers. This helps to keep your website engaging and it also helps to attract search engines like Google so they will send more visitors to your site.

3. Get on Facebook
I'm sure you've heard this one before and it might seem like a strange idea to be on Facebook for business, but your customers are already there! There are over 500 million people on Facebook worldwide and the numbers are growing. People will engage with you there, just think of it as having a room full of your customers waiting for you to talk to them, and then just talk to them!

4. Learn some basic SEO
Search engine optimization, otherwise known as SEO, is one great way to attract visitors to your site. You can learn the basics of keyword research, where to place certain headings, tags, and descriptions on your website to get the best results.

5. Start an email newsletter
It doesn't matter what industry you are in, collecting your customers email addresses and starting a regular email newsletter is a very good idea! Email marketing is an easy, affordable direct marketing tool that keeps your business and brand in front of your customers. Next time they need your service, it will be your business that comes first to their minds.

Above all, these are the top 5 e-marketing must have's for small business owners to sink their teeth into. From there the sky is the limit! But get a grasp on these few things to start with and I guarantee your business will already start booming!

Do you need help to get your business online? Internet Expressions is here to help provide all your Emarketing Solutions at affordable prices. No nonsense, real information, resources and guidance to help boost your business online!

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Jedha_Dening 


About the Author: Debra Moore is a teacher and marketer who is currently spending time studying and incorporating the marketing strategies of Dan Kennedy (known as the "Naploeon Hill of Marketing"). For a FREE COURSE on Dan Kennedy's Magnetic Marketing principles go to http://www.marketingwithpurpose.com

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/6507347 

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