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Key Digest Advantages

What Makes Advertising In The Adland Digest So Effective?

There are several advantages that the Adland Digest has over any of the other competitor's periodic publications:

  1. Longevity - The Adland Digest has been around since 1999 and has since built a stable and solid opt-in base of subscribers. Your ad is going to a list of people who have been long-time users of Adlandpro.
  2. Quality Content - The Adland Digest is not just another newsletter that is centered around a single trend or trying to sell a product. The Digest is a quality publication that revolves around a forum of active members/subscribers who post to it regularly. To you, this means that your ad will be read and not just skimmed over like in other newsletter offers.
  3. Credibility - The Digest is moderated and as such does not contain irrelevant or offensive, or competing material. The content is strictly geared towards small business advertising and promotion on the web. No member is permitted to post their own ads or self-promote. This translates into targeted advertising for your ad.
  4. Distribution - The Adland Digest has an enormous subscriber base. If you think about it, we have 30,000 subscribers and that means 30,000 ad views per week X 4 weeks = 120,000 ad views per month. Your ad is guaranteed to be seen!

Digest Overview

Tell Me More About the Adland Digest

The Digest is a publication that is sent out weekly to members of Adlandpro.com who have elected to have this sent to them. Its primary content revolves around a summary of several discussions which occur on the Adland Digest Forum located on the Adlandpro.com Community. Each week the Forum is summarized and ones that are of particular interest are featured in the newsletter along with a quality Guest Article and sometimes some light humor. The big difference is that all of our subscribers expect this each and every week. How many newsletters do you know that can make that claim? Look at the Testimonials below:

Patricia O'Dell

Hello everyone, The first thing I would like to say is that Adland Digest has been a wonderful learning tool for me. I am a complete novice at everything computer and internet but like everyone else I wanted a piece of the pie. So I set out to learn all I could. I have tried many things recommended by many gurus and paid for a few marketing courses, only to learn that the information they sold me was freely available on the net.

This was a hard lesson for me as I am disabled and live on a small pension. I have learned more from following Adland Digest links and reading posted comments than almost any other way I have tried.

Patricia O'Dell

Vincent Caldwell

First, let me begin by telling you what a great E-zine you put out, I
honestly look forward to reading each issue.

Vincent Caldwell

Cathy Wagner

I have always loved the Digest because it comes right to my mailbox instead of me having to remember and make time to go to a forum. Granted, I have been extraordinarily busy lately, but I always read it and enjoy posting answers to questions asked by other members.

Cathy Wagner

Sharon Bray-McPherson

When I first subscribed to the Digest about 5 years ago it would be in my mailbox when I awoke on Monday morning and was the first piece of mail I would open and read while having my morning coffee. There were times I'd even get up at 4 or 5 in the morning just to see if it had arrived yet because the continuing discussions were so interesting and lively that they had me waiting for the "next episode".

Sharon Bray-McPherson

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  • Increased Potential Click Rate. Because of Moderated Content and long-standing publication credibility, your ad is inserted into a high-quality, trusted, and compelling newsletter. Your ad will not be associated with just any irrelevant or inappropriate topic or content. It is displayed professionally in our newsletter which will build trust in the mind of your customer.
  • Eliminate lost revenue due to other non-premium ads receiving focus and attention. The digest's strict "No Advertising" Policy ensures that only sponsored ads are displayed. This prevents focus from being lost by your ads due to forum posters promoting their own ads which may competitive or conflictive.
  • Potential customers will remember your ad/company because the digest comes out often enough that they won’t forget and spaced out enough so they won’t get annoyed. Balanced Distribution Time Interval The Digest comes out just frequently enough not to be considered spam and create anticipation
  • Save money by not having to wait for an ad re-insertion to make changes to your ad. Our exclusive Dynamic Ad Display Mechanism gives you the ability to change your ads and a reader will instantly see the new ad up on the digest.
  • More potential sales. With a subscriber base of approximately 30,000 opt-in subscribers like those in the testimonials above, your ad could potentially be seen by up to 120,000 people per month! Plus, an optional “Free Ebook” offer for subscribers who click your ads give your ad more appeal and a greater reason for a potential customer to click
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