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 Adland Digest FREE Edition #826
Saturday, October 29, 201

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Worldwide Holidays or Events for October 2011

1st October
Armed Forces Day: South Korea.

Goodwill Day: Namibia.

Independence Day: Cyprus, Nigeria, Tuvalu.

National Day: Botswana.

National Day: China.
The official reception and celebration are held in the Great Hall of the People while various kinds of performances and operas are shown at all theatres.

Unification Day: Cameroon.

United Nations Day: Barbados.

2nd October
Mahatma Gandhi's Birthday: India.

Independence Day: Guinea.

3rd October
Foundation Day: South Korea.

Morazan Day: Honduras.

Unity Day: Germany.

4th October
Independence Day: Lesotho.

5th October
Republic Day: Portugal.

Sports Day: Lesotho.

6th October
Armed Forces Day: Egypt.

8th October
Battle of Angamos: Peru.

9th October
Independence Day: Uganda.

Independence of Guayaquil Day: Ecuador.

National Dignity Day: Peru.

10th October
Kruge Day: South Africa.

Moi Day: Kenya.

National Day: Taiwan.

Columbus Day: United States

Thanksgiving Day: Canada

Beginning of Independence War: Cuba.

Revolution Day: Panama.

12th October
Columbus Day:
Belize, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Spain, Uruguay, Venezuela.

Dia de La Raza: Mexico.

Discovery Day: Bahamas.

Discovery of America: Argentina.

Independence Day: Guinea.

13th October
Cession Day: Fiji.

14th October
Founders' Day: Zaire.

15th October
Evacuation Day: Tunisia.

Independence Day: Bosnia.

17th October
Dessalines Day: Haiti.

18th October
Lord of the Miracles: Lima, Peru.

20th October
Heroes' Day: Jamaica.

Kenyatta Day: Kenya.

Revolution Day: Guatemala.

21st October
Army Day: Honduras.

Overseas Chinese Day: Taiwan.

Revolution Day: Somalia.

22nd October
John Paul II Day: Vatican.

23rd October
Chulalongkorn Day: Thailand.

National Liberation Day: Egypt.

Revolution Day: Hungary.

24th October
Independence Day: Zambia.

Suez Victory Day: Egypt.

United Nations Day.

26th October
Government Day: Rwanda.

National Day: Austria.

Revolution Day: Benin.

27th October
Independence Day: Saint Vincent, Turkmenistan.

28th October
National Day: Cyprus.

National Holiday: Greece.

29th October
Cumhuriyet Bayrami: Turkey.
Commemorates the proclamation of the Republic in 1923.

National Youth Day: Liberia.

31st October
Chiang Kai-shek's Birthday: Taiwan.


Reformation Day: Slovenia.

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Learn How To Add Video To A Website

By Kevin Alan Cohen

When what you require in order to sell your product effectively over the World Wide Web is video content, then there are few things that you need to know first. Thankfully these days, uploading your video footage to your domain is not hard, and even if you have no prior knowledge of computers, a step by step wizard can teach you all you need to know. The first and important thing you need to learn is that in order to watch videos on your website that you will need to use the flash format; globally recognized this video format will be support by virtually all PCs and is therefore the preferred method.

Getting the video for your website correct is indeed important as it is a great way of selling your product, more effective than plain text. Of course the possibility will always exist of uploading your video to a variety of sharing sites, but this is only great up to a certain point; what you really need to learn how to do is indeed to upload and show a video within your own domain. The problem here that arises when you wish to put video content onto your own domain is that the video files from your camera are far too large and therefore you will need to change their format so that they will fit.

In order to change the format into a flash format that you will then be able to show on your domain what you require will be a good software product. For this purpose you will not need to spend a lot of money; a small and nominal fee from many thousands of products that you find online is all that you will require. A great type of program that you will use will be one that includes a step by step wizard; this way even the least experienced individual will not fail to create the perfect video for their domain.


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A good program will indeed support all known formats of video such as AVI, MOV, MPG, VOB and MP4. Simply upload your video to the wizard in its current format and follow the simple instructions that will convert your content to a format compatible with websites. The time that it takes for this process will depend on a few factors such as the speed of the converter you have chosen as well as the length of your video and the original format it was in. For a high quality result you should really choose a slower frame rate; this way your end product will really be top quality.

Features of a good quality program for this purpose will be the ability to convert multiple videos at one time and to also create playlists and add chapters to your uploaded content. There really therefore is no need whatsoever to pay someone to convert your videos and content for your website. With a step by step wizard you cannot fail to make a great quality video that will then be viewed and played back hundreds of time once it is added to your domain. Websites that include video content will sell your product more efficiently that plain text, so it really is worth the effort to upload some video footage to your site.

About the Author: Kevin Alan Cohen is an Ezine Articles Basic PLUS Level Expert Author. He has 12 articles published. 1Salesvideo.com solves sales problems by producing video sales letters that are guaranteed to increase online conversion rates. To learn more about video sales letters and how to add video to a websites, go to http://1salesvideo.com/add-video-to-a-website today!

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/6644682

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5 Tips for How to Make Your Small Business Stand Out From Competition

By Lily Faden

When economic times are tough, it is more important than ever to take actions that will allow your small business to stand out from its competitors. Here are five tips to help set any small business apart:

1. Focus in on your target market

When it comes to your ideal customer base, the more specific you can be about your customer base, the better. Being able to accurately describe your target market will give potential clients an opportunity to identify with your business. For example, if you can narrow your potential customer base from "high school students" to "high school students who play sports," not only will you be able to come up with more accurate marketing campaigns, but you will also inform those students that your product was made specifically for them. This will lead to greater customer retention in the long run.

2. Do something different

Pick out five of your competitors and take a look at their marketing strategies. Do you see any commonalities? If so, this could be the perfect opportunity to set yourself apart by taking what you know about your competitors and doing something different. For example, if all of your competitors are using one medium to promote their product, such as billboards or TV ads - you might want to capitalize on the chance to use online marketing or radio advertising. It could be the case that your product is exposed to a brand new, potential customer base not yet reached by your competitors.

3. Maintain a good blog

Not enough can be said about how helpful it can be to supplement your business' website with a good blog. For one, it gives your customers the chance to see what's new around your business. But apart from just that, keeping your blogs consistently updated sends a signal to search engines such as Google that your website has relevant, current information. And, to put it simply, search engines love relevant information. Therefore, blogs kill two birds with one stone; they keep your customers interested in your product while improving your search engine rankings.

4. Go bilingual

One common flaw of many small businesses is that they don't provide methods of communicating with their non-English speaking clientele. In an increasingly globalized world, not having multilingual speakers at your business could greatly hold your business back. Be sure to not only seek out bilingual or multilingual employees, but also consider adding pages to your business website written in other languages. Doing so will be sure to increase and diversify your customer base.

5. Create something viral

The masters of online marketing have already seen their profits skyrocket after creating content that goes viral. It could be a funny jingle in a commercial, an infographic that becomes the talking point of blogs and forums throughout the internet, or a cute video that you host online and proceeds to spread like rapid-fire. Websites like YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, and other similar sites have shifted the way that customers view companies and how they market their product. To put it simply, creating viral content is arguably one of the most effective marketing strategies of the 21st century.

About the Author: I am a blogger and contributor for Entrust Cash Advance.
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Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/6654124

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Common Technical Questions

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B2B - Business to Business.
B2C - Business to Consumer
Cache - Browsers hold copies of recently visited web files the computer's disk memory. This memory space is called the cache. It makes for quicker loading form the same site but the disadvantage is sometimes it will show you a page an old version of a file from your disk when a newer one is available on the web.
SEO - Search Engine Optimization - make you site search engine friendly to rank higher and gain traffic to your website.
RSS - Real Simple Syndication. That allows web users to locate valued information from other sites and have it show to a specific software application (a Reader) on their computer so they do not have to look for it.
PPC - Pay Per Click. An advertising system that lets you target market customers with a specific interest. The keywords are selected by the seller and these ads show up on sites across the web, buyers searching on sites will come across these sites with these ads. The host site shows these ads because they receive revenue from every ad 'clicked' or generated from their site.
Ezines - It is an online version of a magazine, although usually short and containing a single subject article. It would be along the lines if an article you would fine in a magazine. Can be useful resource in marketing your business.

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