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 Adland Digest FREE Edition #846
Saturday, March 31, 2012

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Worldwide Holidays or Events for March 2012

1st March
Heroes' Day: Paraguay.

Independence Movement Day: South Korea.

2nd March
Adowa Day: Ethiopia.

Independence Day: Morocco.

Peasants' Day: Burma.

3rd March
Discovery Day: Guam.

Liberation Day: Bulgaria.

Martyr's Day: Malawi.

National Unity Day: Sudan.

4th March
Lantern Festival: Taiwan.

6th March
Independence Day: Ghana.

8th March
Congolese Women's Day: Congo.

Decoration Day: Liberia.

9th March
Baron Bliss Day: Belize.

Commonwealth Day: Gibraltar.

10th March
Labour Day: South Korea.

11th March
National Day: Lithuania.

12th March
Independence Day: Mauritius.

Renovation Day: Gabon.

13th March
National Day: Grenada.
Daylight Savings Begins: Where observed.

14th March
St. Joseph's Day: Colombia.

15th March
Anniversary of Hungarian Revolution (1848/49): Hungary.

J.J. Robert's Birthday: Liberia.

17th March
Nyepi Day: Indonesia.

St. Patrick's Day: Canada, Ireland, United States of America, Argentina, United Kingdom, Japan, Montserrat, New Zealand Australia and South Korea.

18th March
Aruba Day: Aruba.

Marien Ngouabi Day: Congo.

19th March
Youth Day: Zambia.

20th March
Independence Day: Tunisia.

Start of Spring: Europe.

21st March
Benito Juarez's Birthday: Mexico.

Youth Day: Tunisia.

22nd March
Abolition Day: Puerto Rico.

23rd March
Pakistan Day: Pakistan.

24th March
Africa Day: Zambia.

25th March
Annunciation: Liechtenstein.

Independence Day: Cyprus, Greece.

26th March
Independence Day: Bangladesh.

27th March
Armed Forces Day: Burma.

Evacuation Day: Angola.

29th March
Boganda Day: Central African Republic.

31st March
Freedom Day: Malta..

We try to keep the dates as accurate as possible. Please let us know if there is an omission or incorrect date. Click Here


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Editor's Comments 

Barry Scott -Digest Editor

A Spotlight on Community Forums

Searching through the forums on the Adlandpro community I was pleased at the displays diversity, ingenuity and imagination by our members. When you take the time to go through the countless forums I am certain you will always find something that will grab a hold of your interest.

I would like to start featuring these forums in upcoming issues of the Adland Digest as a way of recognizing all the work and effort put in by our members. So to get us started here are two I have come up with.

Adlandpro Learning Center by Mark Dewey The AdlandPro Learning Center offers  Computer Help, Computer Tips and Learning Center For all AdlandPro members. Now Open is a new interacting Chess Game. It will be a learning experience for all. This is an interesting forum in that it offers assistance as well as activities. It is a newer forum that is a work in progress, but it is active and well run and can offer some great technical insight. So please check it out. 


Mary Evelyn's Koffee Klatch by Mary Evelyn Simpson Have you ever seen an article or maybe a video you wanted to share but just didn't know where to post it? Maybe you have a hint or hints that could in some way make life easier for someone or maybe there is something going on in your city or even your family you would like to share. Well that is what this forum is intended for and this is the place to post whatever you would like as long as it's not political in nature and also no racism or hate sites, please. This forum has  general interest posts and is highly active. This forum is well run by a highly respected member and current Person of the Year for the Adland Community. Definitely worth taking a look!

As always and feedback or questions are always welcome, just click on my name below. 

Sincerely, Barry Scott Editor


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Increasing Your Business Through Networking

By S J Butler

Co-Author: Kerrie Butler

Many people do not realize that they can increase their businesses by 25%, 50% and even 100% by simply liaising with other like-minded professionals as they.

Business networking groups are making waves as they are contributing to the success of businesses. They mostly take advantage of the world's best technique of growing business: word-of-mouth. The technique may seem rudimentary, but it appears to still have the center-stage when it comes to advertising.

The import of word-of-mouth program has been brought to the limelight by BNI, a business networking organization which has over 6,200 active chapters and 140,000 members in about 50 countries in the world. With regards to business referrals, BNI is widely recognized as the most successful organization in this domain. This success is based on principles that ensure that qualified referrals are made. Qualified referrals are serious in nature with the potential of positively impacting the business network. For this purpose BNI provides a structured system and a supportive environment for its members to give and receive business.

Indeed BNI founder, Dr. Ivan Misner strongly believes that "Givers Gain" and this philosophy is communicated to BNI members to encourage them to bring referrals to other members as "what goes around, comes around".

BNI employs an effective word-of-mouth method to help increase the business opportunities of members through worthy, beneficial relationships with business professionals. Over time, BNI has proven that successful businesses flourish through word-of-mouth strategy. It is another major advantage that new participants are guaranteed to gain in a business networking group of this nature.



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If you are a business person or professional, you have the choice of increasing your business as much as you desire: all you may require is to get in touch with a BNI chapter closest to you and start participating in referral meetings. In Australia alone, members of BNI reported generating more than $A200 million from business referrals in the year 2011.

Referral meetings are regular meetings where participating members have the possibility of finding their dream referrals to boost their business. But while expecting to get referrals, members are also exhorted to come with their own referrals for the benefits of the other members: for more effective results members share their business cards, website address or brochures with one another. This way, the various members of the business networking chapter could be playing the role of sales representatives for one another; indeed if they met people they think will benefit from the service or products of a fellow member, they aptly recommend him.

BNI meetings are generally held weekly. In as much as personal presence of BNI members is ideal during these meetings, it is obvious that it will not always be possible. In that case members can plan for substitutes. Substitutes are simply people that you are confident enough that they can ably represent your business. They are also considered by BNI to be great sources of referrals.

Nobody and no business is either too small or too big to network with others. But to effectively do this and avoid disappointment it is advisable to go through established groups. However, it is worth noting that how well you will do in a business networking group will also depend on your capabilities and your drive.


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Financial and time commitment is a very important factor to take into consideration when planning to join a business networking group like BNI. This determines the level of success you will get by virtue of your membership.

In a nutshell, we can say that participating in a business networking organization like BNI helps you gain the following:

  • Patience: the fact that it takes time to build relationships with members of the chapter and to get to understand their business helps you grow more patient about the realization of your ambitions. You could use time to your benefit.

  • Commitment: at BNI you learn to stick to your desire until you see it materialized.

  • Learning new things: you are exposed to new knowledge, new businesses and therefore are presented with opportunities to probably make new choices.

  • Low cost advertising: you do not need to spend much money to organize advertisement or run public relations for your business. Your fellow networking members have become the voice for your business.

As the saying goes "no man is an island". To do well in your chosen field of endeavor, there is need to rub minds together with others. Networking with others has become the necessary requirement for sustainable success. And business networking offers the necessary impetus needed to take your business to the next level.

About the Author: Stephen and Kerrie Butler operate the Business Sustainability Institute, they partner with small and medium size businesses to fix their problems and help realize their dreams.

Visit the web site at http://www.bussi.com.au for other related articles and to download our free marketing resource entitled "Building Business Sustainability Using Innovative Strategies"

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=S_J_Butler  

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